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Prof Held's research interests focus on fundamental aspects of heterogeneous catalysis and the development of methods for accurate characterization of adsorbed molecules. One key activity of the research group is the precise determination of surface geometries by diffraction techniques (LEED, SXRD). Another, increasingly important field of research involves studies of the chemical nature of model catalysts and adsorbed molecules by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and Near Edge X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (NEXAFS) Spectroscopy. The experiments investigate the adsorption and reactions of small bio-relevant molecules (e.g. amino acids) and solvents, like water, on metal and oxide surfaces and the geometries and electronic structures of surfaces alloys and thin oxide films. Prof Held has been awarded major grants from EPSRC and the European Commission (network grants "MONET" and "SMALL" funded by the Marie Curie programme) and regular beamtime awards at UK, European and US synchrotron facilities. The research is carried out in collaboration with departmental colleagues, in particular Drs. Roger Bennett , Ricardo Grau-Crespo, David Nutt, and Prof Howard Colquhoun.

Since 2012, Prof Held is part-seconded to Diamond Light Source to lead the VERSOX (VERsatile SOft X-ray) project, a new beamline which will enable surface studies on samples in non-vacuum environments, e.g. catalysts under near-reaction conditions, bio-interfaces, pharmaceuticals, atmospheric and interstellar water and ice, heritage samples, polymers etc.


Prof Georg Held

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