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  • Professor of Crystallography
  • Athena SWAN Rep

Building/Room: Chemistry/121

Professor Christine Cardin has been an X-ray Nature Chemistry Covercrystallographer for many years, with many longstanding collaborations. Recently she has very research active in the area of nucleic acid structure, with a focus on the precise details of small molecule interactions, including the ruthenium polypyridyl 'light-switch' and related metal complexes. The purposes of the work included an understanding of the molecular basis of the 'light switch' effect, and the development of new complexes. This work has featured on journal covers and is now funded by the BBSRC, the Royal Society, and Diamond Light Source, now also including programme access to the lasers for Science facility (CruX programme).Her current projects are strongly collaborative, being both interdisciplinary and interinstitutional. Within the University she works extensively with Dr John Brazier (School of Pharmacy), whose interest in the DNA i-motif lends itself to a range of joint initiatives 

Animation - DNA binding modes of ruthenium polypyridyl complexes

Prof C J Cardin

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