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Due to the current situation we are unable to physically host workshops at the University of Reading. With the ever-changing guidance around restrictions, we anticipate this to be a short-to-medium term arrangement - most likely until September 2021. This is under constant review and we will resume our usual programme as soon as possible, whilst continuing to run the online events as an alternative for those who cannot attend in person.

Events will be delivered using Blackboard Collaborate, for which delegates will be sent a link for joining. No previous experience of this tool or specific software is required (although we do recommend that you access the event using a connection with good bandwidth).

Taught by leading experts, our workshops provide training opportunities in evidence-based treatments. All of our courses are accredited and are BABCP compliant providing 5 CPD hours, with an approximate 50/50 split between theory and skills. The cost of the workshop includes an electronic CPD certificate. All workshops, unless otherwise stated, are intended for a cross/mixed ability audience.

We also offer a range of training options in all psychological treatments, all of which are recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

We will be adding new events for an ongoing basis so please check the website regularly. If you would prefer to be notified, please ask to be added to our mailing list at cwi@reading.ac.uk.

Booking a Workshop

The cost of each online workshop is £75. There is a 10% discount if a group booking of 4 or more delegates (per workshop) is made at the same time. This increases to 15% if 10 or more delegates are booked simultaneously. Unfortunately, we cannot offer these discounts for online bookings, so if you wish to take advantage of our multiple booking discounts please contact cwi@reading.ac.uk.

Details of our cancellation policy are here. If you have any questions, or would like more information about our workshop programme, please call on 0118 378 7537, or email cwi@reading.ac.uk


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - A Cognitive Behavioural Approach (Online) - 14 October

A 1 day online workshop with Prof Trudie Chalder – Kings, College London.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, is characterised by severe physical and mental fatigue of at least six months duration and is associated with significant disability. It is a controversial condition which has been associated with polarised debates about whether the condition is physical or psychological in nature.

Cost including electronic CPD certificate is £75.00

CBT for Personality Disorder (Online) - 11 November

A 1-day online workshop with Prof Kate Davidson – University of Glasgow.

People with borderline personality disorder (BPD) often have high levels of emotional distress, self-harm behaviours and relationship difficulties. Over the past two decades psychological therapies have been helpful but have differed in intensity, duration and complexity. CBTpd is a brief effective evidence-based therapy for borderline and antisocial personality disorders. Developing a non-judgmental, authentic and warm therapeutic relationship is central to CBTpd, with treatment focusing on emotional and behavioural regulation.

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Cost including electronic CPD certificate is £75.00

Self-Harm (Online) - 18 November

A 1-day online workshop with Prof Kate Davidson - University of Glasgow. Over half of suicides have a history of self-harm. Self-harm is common, particularly in young adults, and is distressing for patients and their loved ones. It also places large demands on clinical services so finding effective aftercare for individuals who self-harm is important. CBT is one of the more effective interventions and this workshop is aimed at helping clinicians develop skills to work with individuals who have recently self-harmed and likely to be at risk of suicide.

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Cost including electronic CPD certificate is £75.00

Cognitive Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorders in Adults and Adolescents (Online) - 24 February 2021

A Social Anxiety Disorder is common and remarkably persistent in the absence of treatment. It typically starts in childhood or adolescence and frequently leads to occupational and education underachievement. Interpersonal relationships are impaired. Dissatisfaction with the way that life is progressing often triggers depressive episodes and there is a heightened risk of alcohol and drug abuse.

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Cost including electronic CPD certificate is £75.00

How CBT With Older People is Different: Age Appropriate CBT With Older People (Online) - 17 March 2021

This workshop provides a review of contemporary approaches to CBT with older people and provides a way for therapists to review their own preparedness for working with older clients. CBT is particularly appropriate as an intervention for older people as it is skills enhancing, present-oriented, problem-focused, straightforward to use and effective, while depression and the anxiety disorders in later life are often misunderstood as a ‘natural’ consequence of challenges and losses associated with ageing.

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Cost including electronic CPD certificate is £75.00

Cognitive Therapy for PTSD (Online) - 19 May 2021

This workshop builds on Ehlers and Clark’s (2000) cognitive model of PTSD. This model suggests that people with PTSD perceive a serious current threat that has two sources; excessively negative appraisals (personal meanings) of the trauma and/or its sequelae; characteristics of trauma memories that lead to re-experiencing the symptoms. The problem is maintained by cognitive strategies (such as thought suppression, rumination, safety-seeking behaviours) that are intended to reduce the sense of current threat, but actually maintain the problem by preventing change in the appraisals and trauma memory.

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Cost including electronic CPD certificate is £75.00



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