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Bilingualism Matters@Reading values the crucial work that speech language therapists do every day to help people with language disorders. We are aware of the fact that working with bilingual populations is often a challenging task. There simply is not enough research to provide an answer to all the questions that arise when dealing with bilingual and multilingual patients. Some therapists may wonder how to best assess the linguistic abilities of children who are growing up with two languages and what advice to give to their family, or they may worry about what treatment a bilingual patient who suffered from a stroke should receive. The London SIG Bilingualism provides best practice endorsed by the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists – RCLST.

RCLST also provides additional guidelines, and an e-learning package.

Useful links for SLTs working with multilingual children:

Here you can find the link to the Alberta Language Development Questionnaire, specifically designed to help the clinician understand if there are delays or difficulties in a child’s first language. And here you can find our Research Digest, where you can read about the latest research done on multilingualism and language disorders.


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Bilingualism Matters @ Reading

Bilingualism Matters provides training, advice and information on child bilingualism.