Professor Hilary Footitt

Professor Hilary FootittCeLM Role:

Member of the Steering Committee (Modern Languages)
Professor Hilary Footitt's UoR Staff Profile >>>

Research Interests in Literacy and Multilingualism:

  • Language policy
  • Role of multilinguals in war and conflict situations.

Current Projects in Literacy and Multilingualism:

  • Speaking aid and development: foreign languages and the humanitarian space. This project aims to help to reconceptualise the humanitarian space of NGO activity as a multilingual space, and to embed foreign languages in the chronological path of humanitarian aid and development. It is exploring the following questions:
    • What are the foreign language policies (explicit/implicit) of NGOs working in aid and development, and what is the practice in using foreign languages on the ground of intervention?

    • How have these policies and practices been affected by contextual changes including:

      • conceptual challenges to the humanitarian space

      • bunkerisation/securitisation

      • audit culture

      • perception/listening studies

Past Projects in Literacy and Multilingualism:

  • Languages in war
  • HE Modern Languages Strategy

Research Grants in Literacy and Multilingualism:

Publications in Literacy and Multilingualism:

(2005) HE and the Modern Languages Strategy, Research Report 625, Dfes.

2012 (with M. Kelly). Languages at war: Policies and Practices of Language Contacts in Conflict, Palgrave Studies in Languages at War, Palgrave Macmillan: Basingstoke.

2012 (with M. Kelly) eds. Languages and the Military: alliances, occupation and peacebuilding, Palgrave Studies in Languages at War: Basingstoke.

2012 ' Incorporating languages into histories of war: a research journey', Translation Studies, 5(2), 217-231.

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