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NMR Open Access

Training for Open Access use - NMR Instruments

Students and researchers at the University of Reading who wish to have Open Access NMR Instruments use (Bruker NanoBay 400 MHz and Bruker DPX 400 MHz spectrometers) must have training in place before access.

Group training is provided by NMR personnel twice a year:

2nd Week of the Autumn Term (for new postgraduate students and undergraduate project students starting in October);

2nd Week of the Spring Term (for new postgraduate students and undergraduate project students starting in January).

Postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers starting at other times of year should approach the NMR Staff for individual training sessions on the NanoBay 400 and DPX 400 instruments.

In order to participate in the training sessions for open access, new students and researchers must first fulfill two requirements:

(1) read and understand the On-line Health and Safety Presentation,

(2) activated the university ID card in order to be able to access the CAF laboratory, which will also require completing and signing off the CAF registration form.

Upon completion of the NMR training session, you will be assigned an individual user account for the NanoBay 400 and the DPX 400 instruments (normally, the account name will include your full name as well as your ICON NMR user ID). At the training session, you will be asked to provide a password for the Open Access NMR instruments account. This password should be kept secret, known only to you.

Activating access to the CAF laboratory and On-line Health and Safety presentation

The On-Line Health and Safety presentation must be read by everyone who wishes to work in the CAF laboratory. The most recent version of the presentation is available on Blackboard please email for enrolment. After this, you will receive a message with instructions on how to access and download the presentation on your computer. Please read this presentation carefully because at the end, there is a simple quiz which will test your understanding of the local health and safety rules. After you have finished and passed the test, you have to copy and send the compliance message (to: as a proof that you agree to follow these rules. The non-disclosure agreement is also an important part of these rules which you have to accept, if you would like to access CAF. You will also need to complete, sign and return a CAF registration form, as instructed in the presentation, so that CAF access can be activated on your University ID card.

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