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Bruker Avance III 500 MHz

The AV500 is a two-channel NMR instrument running ICON NMR 4.2 under TOPSPIN 2.4. It incorporates an 11.74T Ultrashield magnet and is equipped with both a triple axis-gradient and a magic angle spinning (MAS) unit, as well as a 60-position BACS sample changer. Three probes are available on the AV500:

5mm indirect observation x,y,z-gradient inverse (1H/13C)- BBI probe

5mm z-gradient direct observation (1H/13C/19F)- BBFO probe

4mm 15N/13C 19F/1H MAS probe

The AV500 instrument is operated by the NMR Staff and runs samples for both the Internal NMR service and the External NMR Service. For users within the University of Reading submitting samples via the Internal NMR Service, the primary function of the AV500 is to perform experiments which are not available on the Open Access NMR Instruments. In addition, however, all the ICONNMR Experiments which are routinely available for the Open Access NMR instruments (e.g. 1H, 13C, DEPT, edited-HSQC, HMBC, COSY and NOESY) are also available with the AV500. Hence a secondary function of this instrument is to allow investigation of samples which are only available in such small amounts that they could be not run in a reasonable period of time on either of the Open Access NMR Instruments.

The 500 MHZ 4mm HR-MAS probe optimised for 1H observation with 13C pulsing/decoupling channel; this probe is ideal to acquire metabolic profiles of intact tissue biopsies

Users from outside the University of Reading who wish to use the AV500 via the External NMR Service should first contact Research & Enterprise Services (RES) at the University of Reading.

Health and Safety in the NMR Lab [PDF 302kb]

Training is provided to ensure you can use the instrument safe and effective:

NMR Training [PDF 259kb]

NMR guidance and support

More information
For more information about the instrument and its availability contact: