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Dr Radoslaw Kowalczyk
Job Title:
Technical Expert - Research Facility

Ensure smooth day-to-day operation of NMR equipment, identifying potential problems, organising repairs and suggesting possible upgrades and equipment development.

Provide training and scientific support for students and researchers of various backgrounds.

Advice and assist researchers with new NMR experiments and techniques.

Conduct various NMR experiments, analyse and report results.

Responsible for the effective usage of laboratory equipment, preparing regular usage reports
Areas of Interest:

My research interests are focused on obtaining information on how microstructure and intra- and inter-molecular interactions are translated into the properties and macroscopic behaviour of many important organic and inorganic materials.

The magnetic resonances, including NMR as well as EPR provide opportunity to use local probes (e.g. specific nuclei, free radicals, transition metal ions, triplet states or spin labels) which can reveal how the structure responds to applied external parameters such as temperature, light, pressure and electric field.

Such information is crucial in order to understand the mechanism of macroscopic responses as diverse as for instance phototropism or magnetism.

The aim of my research efforts is twofold: (i) to understand how we can control macroscopic behaviour by inducing subtle changes in microstructure in the materials of the future and (ii) how we can improve research techniques and develop new methods to obtain enhanced inside into microstructure-properties interplay.

Research groups / Centres:

List of publications 

1. "The relative humidity dependence of the permeability of cement paste measured using GARField NMR profiling", S. Zamani, R. M. Kowalczyk, P. J. McDonald, Cement and Concrete Research, in press (2014).

2. "The mechanism of water-isopropanol exchange in cement pastes evidenced by NMR relaxometry", R. M. Kowalczyk, A. M. Gajewicz, P. J. McDonald, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, submitted (2014).

3. "A variable temperature solid-state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance and Raman scattering study of molecular dynamics in ferroelectric fluorides", R. M. Kowalczyk, T. F. Kemp, D. Walker, K. Pike, P. A. Thomas, J. Kreisel, R. Dupree, M. E. Newton, J. V. Hanna, M. E. Smith, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 23, 315402 (2011).

4. "Light-generated Paramagnetic Intermediates in BLUF Domains", S. Weber, C. Schroeder, S. Kacprzak, T. Mathes, R. M. Kowalczyk, L.-O. Essen, P. Hegemann, E. Schleicher, R Bittl, Photochemistry and Photobiology, 87, 574-583 (2011).

5. "High-power DNP-enhanced NMR at 94 GHz: a study of the TEMPOL radical in toluene", E. V. Kryukov, M. E. Newton, K. J. Pike, D. R. Bolton, R. M. Kowalczyk, A. P. Howes, M. E. Smith, R. Dupree, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 12, 5757-5765 2010.

6. "The role of isolated active centres in high-performance bioinspired selective oxidation catalysts", J. Dzierzak, E. Botinelii, G. Berlier, E. Gianotti, E. Stulz, R. M. Kowalczyk, R. Raja, Chemical Communications, 2805-2807 (2010).

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9. "Synthesis and molecular and electronic structure of an unusual paramagnetic borohydride complex Mo(NAr)2(PMe3)22-BH4)", A. Y. Khalimon, J. P. Holland, R. M. Kowalczyk, E. J. L. McInnes, J. C. Green, P. Mountford, G. I. Nikonov, Inorganic Chemistry, 47, 999-1006 (2008).

10. "POLY 396-Further investigation of single electron transfer living radical polymerization", A. J. Grice, M. Levere, R. M. Kowalczyk, D. M. Haddleton, Abstracts of Papers of The American Chemical Society, 236, meeting abstract: 396-POLY (2008).

11. "Four Copper(II) Pyrazolido Complexes Derived from Reactions of 3{5}-Substituted Pyrazoles with CuF2 or Cu(OH)2", Q. F. Mokuolu, D. Foguet-Albiol, L. F. Jones, J. Wolowska, R. M. Kowalczyk, C. A. Kilner, G. Christou, P. C. McGowan, M. A. Halcrow, Dalton Transactions, 14, 1392-1899 (2007).

12. "On the Redox States of Ruthenium Porphyrin Oxidation Catalysts", A. Berkessel, E. Ertürk, P. Kaiser, A. Klein, R. M. Kowalczyk, B. Sarkar, Dalton Transactions, 31, 3427-3434 (2007).

13. "Tuning magnetic exchange interaction in the solid CxF2x(CNSSS)2(AsF6)2: Structural, EPR, and magnetic characterisation of dimeric (x = 2, 4) diradicals", A. Decken, M. Ebdah, R. M. Kowalczyk, C. P. Landee, E. J.L. McInnes, J. Passmore, K. V. Shuvaev, L. T. Thompson, Inorganic Chemistry, 46, 7756-7766 (2007).

14. "Synthesis, Structures, and Olefin Polymerisation Capability of Vanadium(4+) Imido Compounds with fac-N3 Donor Ligands", H. R. Bigmore, M. A. Zuideveld, R. M. Kowalczyk, A. R. Cowley, M. Kranenburg, E. J. L. McInnes, P. Mountford, Inorganic Chemistry, 45, 6411-6423 (2006).

15. "Characterisation of the thermally accessible triplet state in dimers of the 7π ClCNSSS+• in the solid state", T. S. Cameron, A. Decken, R. M. Kowalczyk, E. J.L. McInnes, J. Passmore, J. M. Rawson, K. V. Shuvaev, L. T. Thompson, Chemical Communications, 2277-2279 (2006).

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