NMR Spectroscopy

NMR 700 and 500The NMR Laboratory of the Chemical Analysis Facility (CAF) is housed in Room G40 of the Chemistry and Pharmacy Building of the University of Reading. This laboratory offers four state-of-the-art NMR spectrometers:

The NMR instruments in CAF are capable of running wide range of solution and solid-state (MAS) NMR experiments. CAF offers both a routine automated service as well as the potential for collaborative NMR expertise to scientists throughout the University and external users.

Our superconductive magnets contain large amounts of cryogenic liquids and operate at high magnetic fields. Therefore all who enter the NMR laboratory should be familiar with risks and safety procedures.

  • Health and Safety in the NMR Lab [PDF 302kb]

    Training is provided to ensure you can use the instrument safe and effective:

  • NMR Training [PDF 259kb]

  • NMR Open access

  • NMR guidance and support

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    Geoff Brown

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    Radek Kowalczyk

    Technical Lead


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