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ITQ 1100

Thermofisher Scientific ITQ 1100 GC/MS

This instrument features a ThermoFisher Scientific Trace Ultra GC coupled to a ThermoFisher Scientific ITQ1100 Ion trap Mass analyser. The system is fitted with a Triplus autosampler which can be equipped to analyse liquids, carry out head space sampling or solid phase micro extraction (SPME). Inlet to the GC is via a split/splitless injection port or a programmed temperature vapourising (PTV) injection port. The iontrap mass analyser covers the mass range from 50-1100 Da and can ionise the eluting compounds from the GC via either EI or CI methods (methane or ammonia as reagent gas). The system is equipped with a variable dampening gas option and a pulsed positive/ negative chemical ionisation switching option. MS/MS is also possible using the ITQ1100 system and fragmentation can be achieved using pulsed Q dissociation to give greater coverage of the mass range in such MS/MS experiments.

For further details
Please contact John Mckendrick
Mass Spectrometry Section Head