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D. Policy development for sustainable systems

Generating relevant evidence bases to underpin policy development, including evaluation of existing policies and demands for land use management, developing indicators and policy evaluation tools.

Securing the Conservation of biodiversity across Administrative Levels and spatial, temporal, and Ecological Scales (SCALES)

SCALES has provided a suite of assessment tools and policy instruments to foster our capacity for biodiversity conservation across spatial and temporal scales in Europe.
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Integrated Farm Management for improved economic, environmental and social performance (Defra Sustainable Intensification Platform Project 1)

The Sustainable Intensification Research Platform (SIP) is a multi-organisation research programme, funded by Defra to collectively explore the opportunities and risks for SI, from a range of perspectives and at a range of scales, across England and Wales.
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AE-Footprint: The Agri-Environmental Footprint: a common methodology for evaluating agri-environmental Schemes

The project has resulted in the development of an aggregated farm-level index, the Agri-Environmental Footprint Index (AFI), which represents a harmonised approach to evaluation of EU agri-environment schemes.

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