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C. Value of ecosystem service provision

Quantifying the economic and non-economic values of service provision and the implications this has for policy and local management practice. A primary focus is on quantifying the contribution of various ecosystem services to crop production, and where appropriate monetising this.

Sustainable Pollination Services for UK Crops (IPI Crops)

The IPI Crops project has determined the contribution of wild and managed pollinators to crop pollination in terms of yield, quality and profit and identified management options to enhance service delivery.

Full Project List
  • Crops: Sustainable pollination services for UK crops (LWEC Insect Pollinator Initiative)
  • India: Bees, biodiversity and forest livelihoods in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve (Darwin Initiative)
  • STEP: Status and Trends of European Pollinators (EU Framework 7)
  • Understanding the economic costs and benefits of beekeeping and pollination service delivery (C.B. Dennis Trust)