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Our focus is on developing the science underpinning the sustainable use of biodiversity and ecosystem services to enhance and protect food production while minimising environmental impacts. A major emphasis of our work is to understand the mechanisms linking land-use and biodiversity in agricultural landscapes, with the aim of using this understanding to conserve and sustainably use biodiversity and its associated services more effectively. Our research addresses how the value of these services affects policy and farmer decision making and how these in turn drive land-use choices.

Our partnerships with researchers, funding agencies, industry, policy makers allow us to apply our knowledge and expertise to the design and implementation of sustainable agricultural landscapes.

Our research covers a range of ecosystems from intensive agriculture to semi-natural and natural habitats. Our science is global, ranging from intensively managed production systems in Europe to traditionally managed tropical agriculture and its associated ecosystems. The aims of CAER closely align with the University strategy “Securing and sustaining societies, Educating 21st century lives and Advancing policy and practice”.

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