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Research Centre for Late Antique and Byzantine Studies


Dr Ken Dark (Director)


Chair of GCMS; Roman, Late Antique and Byzantine archaeology; archaeological method and theory; relationship of archaeology to social and physical sciences.  Director of Istanbul Rescue Archaeology Project


Dr Françoise Le Saux


History and literature in medieval western Europe; Celtic Studies


Professor Malcolm Barber


History of the Crusades; medieval Church history


Mr Mark Bell


IT applications in archaeology; archaeology of late Roman and early medieval Britain


Dr Paul Davies


Italian Renaissance art and architecture


Dr Simon Ellis

Roman and Late Antique housing


Dr Heinrich Härke


Archaeology of Migration Period Europe; burial archaeology; archaeological method and theory


Dr Anthea Harris


Director of Research for the Late Antiquity Research Group; contacts between western Europe and the Byzantine world; artefact studies; Istanbul Rescue Archaeology project


Professor Edward James


History and archaeology of western Europe in the 1st millennium AD


Dr Sean Kingsley

Late Antique and Byzantine archaeology; maritime archaeology: ceramics


Dr Gill Knight


Post-Classical Latin language and literature


Dr Anne Lawrence


Western European art; manuscripts


Professor Irene Philippaki-Warburton

Post-Classical Greek language and literature


Professor Tessa Rajak


History of Judaism and Christianity in the Roman world


Dr Amy Smith


Curator of the Ure Museum of Greek Art; art and society in the Ancient Mediterranean; Ancient and Byzantine Greece


Mrs Susan Youngs

Former Curator at The British Museum; Celtic, Anglo-Saxon and Late Antique metalwork




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