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The Research Centre specialises in the archaeology, history and art history of Europe (including Britain) and the Mediterranean circa AD250-circa AD800 and of the Byzantine world circa AD 400-circa 1453.  Its recent work has included studies of long-distance contacts in Late Antiquity; Byzantine pottery and the end of Roman Britain and an ongoing major fieldwork project in Istanbul

The Research Centre hosts the Late Antiquity Research Group (although this is a separate organisation and not part of The University of Reading) and has a variety of research and teaching links with The British Museum.  It has also organised conferences (jointly with the Graduate Centre for Medieval Studies, July 2001) on 'Byzantine Archaeology' and (jointly with The Hellenic Institute, Royal Holloway, London, October 2002) on 'Reconstructing Byzantine Constantinople: New Perspectives from Archaeology and History'.


Although the main focus of its work is on the Roman (and formerly Roman) world, staff associated with the Research Centre have interests ranging geographically from Ireland to the easternmost limits of the Late Antique and Byzantine world.  They work on all main categories of evidence from these periods, currently including studies of secular and religious buildings, artefacts, burials and Latin, Greek and Celtic textual sources.


The Research Centre is primarily intended as a research body.  However, it also has its own PhD students and contributes to the Masters programme of the Graduate Centre for Medieval Studies (GCMS).  Although an independent organisation within The University of Reading, the Research Centre is affiliated with the GCMS and holds joint speaker meetings with the Centre for Hellenic Studies.


The Research Centre seeks to develop research, fieldwork and teaching links with other academic bodies and museums around the world, and welcomes suggestions regarding collaborative research or enquiries regarding its consultancy activities.  All enquiries should in the first instance be addressed to the Director.



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