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How does it work?

'Black Box allows you to take the time to explore what you actually see.' - Head of Innovation, Bakehouse

The Black Box structure is an 8ft-square cube with two open sides. The box is accompanied with a theatrical lighting desk and three lanterns to illuminate the space and the images created within. Some of the images are created by the facilitators, but before long you and your colleagues will be creating your own images, honing your expressive abilities in the light of the insights that the day develops.

The Black Box method focuses around the understanding of three key notions:

context: The circumstances and background conditions that determine an event, thought or situation.

convention: Those tacit agreements within a culture about what certain things mean and how certain things should be done.

The relationship between what we can literally describe of an image or sentence and what we understand to be suggested by it.


'I realised the principles of reading images, the process of interpreting them, and precisely how I became aware of these' – delegate from Vanco (Training and Development)

During your 1-day workshop, Black Box will explore how you see situations and images from new perspectives by taking them out of their everyday environment, and by exploring the perceptions of others.
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