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Systems Neuroscience espouses an integrative perspective that goes beyond cataloguing cellular and molecular components and investigating their properties in isolation. The aim is to explain how such components can work together to achieve a joint function in interactions with the environment. Even a single neuron can be considered as a system in its own right, given the complexity of its morphology and biochemistry. However, more typically Systems Neuroscience investigates neural networks numbering from a few cells to the many billions of an entire human brain; and hence considers functional responses that range from individual neural activity to high-level cognition. Typical research tools include electrophysiology and neuroimaging on the experimental side, as well as statistical analysis and computer-aided modelling on the theoretical side. Systems Neuroscience Research has an applied and multidisciplinary focus that can be subdivided into the four research streams shown below.

Research areas

Brain Computer Interface Computational Systems Neuroscience
Brain Computer Interface Computational Systems Neuroscience
Neural Engineering Neuroscience Methods
Neural Engineering Neuroscience Methods

Research facilities

Brain Embodiment Laboratory MRI Facility
Brain Embodiment Laboratory MRI Facility



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