Staff Profile:Dr Louise Johnson

Dr Louise Johnson
Job Title:
Associate Professor


  • Admissions Tutor for BSc Zoology

Member of:

  • School Athena SWAN Committee
  • University-wide committee to promote undergraduate research
Areas of Interest:
  • Experimental evolution of the genetic code
  • Multilevel selection in cancer and intragenomic conflicts
  • Evolution of genetic systems, particularly breeding systems
  • Funding from NERC and the Leverhulme Trust

Member of the Evolution Research Group

Research groups / Centres:

Impact, Enterprise and Outreach:

  • Involved in outreach events to schools and the public including the Wellcome-funded "I'm a Scientist" and L'Oreal / ZSL "Soap Box Science"
  • Contributor to "The Open Laboratory" popular science anthology

Esteem Factors:

  • Member of Steering Committee of NERC Biomolecular Analysis Facility
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Evolutionary Biology and Mobile Genetic Elements
  • Plenary Speaker, "Genomic Consequences of Unconventional Sex", University of Cape Town


  • Part 1: Genes and Chromosomes, Pathology: Introduction to Human Disease, Exploiters and Exploited
  • Part 2: Evolutionary Biology, Animal, Plant and Microbial Development
  • Part 3: Evolutionary Genetics and Phylogeny, Seminars in Biology , Mechanisms for Microbial Function, Research Project Supervision

International Collaborators:

  • Prof. Paul Rainey FRSNZ, New Zealand Institute of Advanced Study and Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, New Zealand
  • Prof. James Cook, University of Western Sydney, Australia
  • Dr Tek Tay, CSIRO, Australia

National Collaborators:

  • Prof. Michael Brockhurst, University of York
  • Prof. Richard Nichols, Queen Mary University, London
  • Dr. James Cotton, Sanger Centre, Cambridge
  • Dr. Steve Le Comber, Queen Mary University, London
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Pre 2006

L.J. Johnson, J. Antonovics and M. E. Hood. The evolution of intratetrad mating rates. Evolution 59: 2525-2532 (2005).

L. J. Johnson, V. Koufopanou, M. R. Goddard, R. Hetherington, S Schaeffer and A. Burt. Population genetics of the wild yeast Saccharomyces paradoxus. Genetics 166: 43-52 (2004).

L. J. Johnson and J. F. Y. Brookfield. Evolution of spatial expression pattern. Evolution and Development 5: 593-599 (2003).

L. J. Johnson and J. F. Y. Brookfield. Evolutionary dynamics of a selfishly spreading gene that stimulates sexual reproduction in a partially sexual population. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 15: 42-48 (2002).

Louise Johnson

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