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The School of Biological Sciences is home to many world-renowned experts in biomedical sciences, biomedical engineering, ecology and evolutionary biology.

Dr Feroz Ahmad Research Associate  
Professor Simon Andrews Professor

Molecular Bacteriology, Iron regulation and virulence, Functional genomics in E.Coli


Dr Catia Antunes Research Associate  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Dr Monica Armengol Research Assistant Biomedical Engineering, Biomechanical modelling, Spinal Cord Injury
Dr Joanna Bagniewska Teaching Fellow Ecology and Evolution

Professor John Barnett

Dr Glyn Barrett

Research Fellow

Teaching Fellow

Molecular Microbiology, marine ecology and conservation

Professor Nick Battey

Professor Dominic Behan Visiting Professor  
Dr Jo Baker Research Fellow

Macroevolution and natural selection; Comparative phylogenetic methods

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Dr Phil Baker Lecturer

Vertebrate Conservation


Dr Natasha Barrett Teaching Fellow Biomedical Science
Dr Andrew Bicknell

School Director of Teaching and Learning

Endocrinology, Adrenal gland, Pituitary, Stress axis

Molecular & Cellular Medicine

Dr Sam Boateng Lecturer in Biomedical Science

Cardiovascular research, Myocyte mechanosensing, Circadian proteins

Molecular & Cellular Medicine

Dr John Bowen Associate Professor Development of technology for medical diagnosis, biomolecular spectroscopy, terahertz imaging & spectroscopy, biophotonics, cultural heritage applications

Biomedical Engineering

Dr Alex Bye Research Associate  
Professor Amanda Callaghan

Professor of Zoology

Curator of the Cole Museum of Zoology

Applied Ecology, Aquatic Ecotoxicology, Entomology, mosquito biology, museum related research and pedagogic research


Chanida Fung

Graduate Teaching Assistant

(PhD Studentships)
Ecology and Evolution
Dr Simon Clarke

Head of Division,

Biomedical Sciences & Biomedical Engineering

Molecular Bacteriology, Host-pathogen interactions, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pyogenes


Professor Angela Clerk Professor of Biomedical Sciences

Cardiac myocyte biology, heart failure, intracellular signalling, protein kinases, apoptosis and cell death, hypertrophy

Molecular & Cellular Medicine

Dr Alastair Culham

Associate Professor of Botany

School Director of Academic Tutoring

Evolutionary responses to climate change, Plant Phylogeny, Plant and Fungal Taxonomy, DNA barcoding & molecular markers.


Dr Simone Culurgioni Research Assistant Analysis of the bacterial regulatory mechanisms to sense and detoxify nitric oxide (NO)

Professor Emeritus Philippa Darbre



Biomedical Sciences
Professor Philip Dash

Head of School

Cancer biology, metastasis, cell biology

Molecular & Cellular Medicine

Alexander Dean

Graduate Teaching Assistant

(PhD Studentships)

Mycorrhizae, Plant-Soil interactions, Ecosystem function and nutrient cycling

Ecology and Evolution

Dr Evangelos Delivopoulos Lecturer in Systems Engineering and Neuroscience Interfaces

Stem cell neuralization, neural cultures on MEAs, flexible neural implants, regulation of neural activity by astrocytes

Biomedical Engineering

Dr Joanne Dunster Research Associate  Utilising a range of mathematical, computational and statistical techniques to develop and analyse theoretical models that describe problems in the life sciences and medicine
Dr Wouter Eilers Research Fellow  

Professor Helmut van Emden

(Emeritus Professor of Horticulture)

Insect-plant relationships from plant communities to individual plant phenotypes.

GM crops and resistance to crop pests.

Artificial diet for aphids.

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Professor Mark Fellowes Professor of Ecology

 Urban ecology, human-wildlife interactions, bird conservation, leopard conservation, insect predators and parasitoids, tritrophic systems, ant mutualisms


Dr Helen Foster Senior Research Officer Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Chris Foster Teaching Associate Landscape ecology, insect conservation and ornithology
Dr Keith Foster Associate Professor in Translational Medicine

Developing Gene, Cell and Pharmaceutical Medicines

Platform Technologies for Medicine Delivery

Muscular Dystrophies and Metabolic Diseases

Molecular & Cellular Medicine

Dr Michael Fry Associate Professor in Biomedical Sciences

Cell signalling, PI-3 kinase signalling, Proteomics & kinase signalling, GSK-3 & Wnt signalling in platelets, cancer research

Molecular & Cellular Medicine

Dr Stephen Fuller Research Associate
Dr Adam Gadd Research Associate Synthesis and conjugation of therapeutic macromolecules 
Dr Emma Gardner Research Associate
Dr Manuela Gonzalez-Suarez Lecturer in Ecological Modelling

Loss of biodiversity


Professor Jon Gibbins Director of ICMR

Cardiovascular research, Cell Biology, Platelets, Haemostasis, Thrombosis

Molecular & Cellular Medicine

Dr Alejandro Giraldo Research Fellow  
Dr Sofia Gripenberg Royal Society Research Fellow

Species interactions, population and community dynamics, evolutionary ecology, tropical ecology

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Dr Soon Gweon Lecturer in Bioinformatics for Genomics

Bioinformatics / Computational biology, Microbial Ecology and Biodiversity, Antimicrobial Resistance, Next Generation Sequencing, High Performance Computing

Biomedical Engineering

Dr Sillas Hadjiloucas Lecturer Biomedical Engineering
Professor William Harwin Professor of Interactive & Human Systems

The mathematics and engineering of interacting systems.

Haptic interactions, rehabilitation robotics, wearable sensors and dynamic models of animals and cells.

Haptics in skills training and education, design and stability of exoskeletons, wearable sensors for long term analysis of health, reach and grasps in humans, and mechanodynamics in cells.

Biomedical Engineering

Dr Paul Hatcher

Biological Control, insect conservation, Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, IPM, weeds, Rumex, grasslands


Professor Julie Hawkins

Deputy Head of School

Head of Division

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Plant Evolution, Plant Conservation, Plant DNA certification, Taxonomy, Wildlife trade and conservation, Molecular phylogenetics


Professor Emeritus Vernon Heywood

Biodiversity assessment and conservation, plant taxonomy and systematics, conservation of crop wild relatives, species recovery techniques, codes of conduct for alien invasive species, Mediterranean plant life, developing roles of botanic gardens
Dr Graham Holloway Associate Professor

Applied ecology, field and stored products entomology, ornithology, landscape ecology


Dr Yoshikatsu Hayashi Associate Professor Biomedical Engineering
Dr Lisa Holbrook Research Associate  
Professor William Holderbaum Professor in Mathematics and Engineering

Mathematics and Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Dr Craig Hughes Lecturer in Cardiovascular Biology

Cardiovascular research, Cell Biology, Platelets, Thrombosis and Haemostasis, Signal transduction

Molecular & Cellular Medicine

Professor Faustina Hwang Director of Postgraduate Researchers

Human computer interaction, accessible computing, digital health, haptics

Biomedical Engineering
Dr Balazs Janko Research Assistant Passive wireless sensors

Professor Emeritus Philip John

Production of natural indigo; phytochemical analysis of food and beverages
Dr Alice Johnston Research Fellow

Individual-Based Models (IBMs) in Population Ecology;

Using Approximate Bayesian Computation to evaluate IBMs


Dr Louise Johnson Director of Admissions

Evolution, genetics, intragenomic conflict, genomics, levels of selection, genetic systems, cancer evolution


Dr Christopher Jones Director of Postdoctoral Researchers

Cardiovascular research. Inter-individual variation in platelet signalling, activation, and impact on haemostasis and thrombosis

Molecular & Cellular Medicine

Professor Ian Jones Professor of Virology

Molecular Virology, Baculovirus, Vaccine development, expression technology


Dr Shirley Keeton Research Associate Evolution of Cancer Metastasis, Cell migration, 3D tissue culture
Dr Eva Kevei

Lecturer in Cell Biology

Director of Internationalisation

The physiological role of ubiquitylation dependent signaling pathways in ageing

Molecular & Cellular Medicine

Dr Rachel King Research Associate Wireless Sensing 
Professor Phil Knight Professor

Reproductive biology, Endocrinology, Ovarian follicular development, Ovulation, Early embryo development

Molecular & Cellular Medicine

Professor Andrew Krentz Visiting Professor  
Dr Neline Kriek Research Assistant  Platelets, Cell Signalling, Systems Biology
Dr Mhairi Laird Research Associate   
Dr Lizzy Lander Teaching Fellow Biomedical Science
Professor David Leake Professor in Biochemistry of Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis, Oxidation of low density lipoprotein in lysosomes, Antioxidants and coronary heart disease

Molecular & Cellular Medicine

Dr Renee Lee

Teaching Fellow,

Director of Placements

Ecology and Evolution
Professor Jian-Mei Li Professor of Cardiovascular Biology

Cardiovascular research

Molecular & Cellular Medicine

Dr Silvia Loureiro Research Associate  Molecular Virology, Vaccine development for infectious diseases, Baculovirus, Infuenza and Foot-and-mouth disease viruses

Professor Philip Lowry

Dr Sinead Lyons Research Associate  
Dr Sheila MacIntyre Programme advisor for Microbiology

Molecular Bacteriology, Protein secretion, Pili assembly, Fish pathogens


Dr Francoise Mazet Research Associate Cell Signalling, System Biology, Evolution, Platelets
Professor Rachel McCrindle Professor

Computer & Human Interaction

Biomedical Engineering

Dr Liam McGuffin Director of Impact and Enterprise

Bioinformatics, Prediction of protein structures, functions and interactions, Protein folding, Mutations and disease, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence

Molecular & Cellular Medicine

Dr Andrew Meade

Lecturer in Computational biology research 

Phylogentic inference, Comparative methods, Computational biology and High performance computing


Dr Yolanda Melero Research Fellow Landscape ecology, land-use climate interactions, population dynamics, community ecology
Dr Merce Miranda Research Assistant  Lipid metabolism in obesity and type 2 diabetes
Dr Jo Mitchell Research Associate  
Dr Jonathan Mitchley Associate Professor in Field Botany

Grassland biodiversity, ecology and ecological habitat restoration, plant blindness and how to inspire young people with plants and botany, 3-D video and virtual reality for botanical teaching and learning

Dr Leonardo Moraes Research Fellow  
Dr Andrea Monteagudo Research Associate Impact of Dietary-Iron on Human Gut Microbiota
Dr Geraldine (Jay) Mulley Teaching Fellow

Microbiology; Microbe-host interactions; Microbial genetics; Vaccine development

Biomedical Science

Dr Campbell Murn Lecturer

Biology and conservation of birds of prey, Visual fields and sensory ecology of birds of prey, Disease ecology of obligate scavengers, Impact of scavenger declines on disease ecology

Professor Slawomir Nasuto

Deputy Research Division Leader, Biomedical Sciences & Biomedical Engineering

Neuroengineering, Neurorehabilitation, Brain-computer interfaces, Biomedical Signal Processing, Cell cultures, Closed-loop neuroscience, Computational Neuroscience

Complex Systems, Networks Science, Nonlinear dynamics

Biomedical Engineering

Dr Nicoletta Nicolaou Research Assistant
Sophie Nock

Graduate Teaching Assistant

(PhD Studentships)
Biomedical Science
Professor Tom Oliver Research Division Leader, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Biodiversity: interactions between land use & climate change, spatiotemporal indicators & ecosystem services, the resilience of ecosystem functions

Professor Mark Pagel Professor of Evolutionary Biology

Evolution, computational biology, language evolution, phylogeny, Markov chain Monte Carlo


Professor Ketan Patel Professor Developmental Biology, Skeletal muscle development.

Adult skeletal muscle function, Embryonic skeletal muscle growth.

Molecular & Cellular Medicine

Dr Deepa Paliwal Research Assistant
Dr Alejandra Perotti Associate Professor

Ectoparasitic lice and mites of primates: using Pediculus lice as proxies of hosts' evolution. Ancient DNA of ectoparasites (lice and mites) and the DNA of their extinct hosts. Mites of medical and veterinary importance, whole organism biology and evolution. Forensic acarology: the utility of mites (Acari) in forensic investigations, crime case reports and research. Mites of economic importance, whole organism biology and biology of interactions between mites with other arthropods (e.g. Bumblebees) and with bacteria (e.g. Wolbachia). Sex ratio distorters (e.g. Rickettsia, Wolbachia) and their asexual arthropod hosts.


Dr Brian Pickles Lecturer in Ecology

Assisted migration, Plant-fungal symbioses, Spatial ecology


Dr Tara Pirie Research Fellow

Animal behaviour


Dr Alice Pollitt

Director of Postdoctoral Researchers

Lecturer in Cardiovascular Biology

Cell-cell communication between platelets and non-hematopoietic cells.

Spatial and temporal organisation of the cell surface.

Molecular & Cellular Medicine

Professor Sir Ghillean Prance Visiting Professor
Dr Colin Prescott Director of Vertebrate Pests Unit

Applied Ecology; ecologically based rodent management; physiological resistance to the anticoagulant rodenticides, and their impact on non-target species


Dr Mojgan Rabiey Research Associate Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Dr Rekha Rana Research Associate  
Dr Malarvizhi Ramesh  Research Fellow  
Professor Alastair D Reith Visiting Professor  
Dr Junyuan Ren Research Fellow  
Dr Kerry Rostron Research Associate  
Dr Arvind Salunkhe Research Associate Impact of Dietary-Iron on Human Gut Microbiota
Dr Parvathy Sasikumar Research Associate  

Professor Declan Schroeder

Environmental Microbiology (virology)

Biomedical Sciences
Dr Dyan Sellayah

Director of Outreach

Lecturer in Cellular & Organismal Metabolism

Obesity research

Molecular & Cellular Medicine

Professor Simon Sherratt

Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing

Director of Staff Teaching Development

Wearable smart technology for use in the management of falls in the home from people with Parkinson's disease, and for use in human emotion prediction

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Richard Sibly Professor

Individual-Based Models (IBMs) in Population Ecology;

Using Approximate Bayesian Computation to evaluate IBMs

Metabolic Ecology

Professor Peter Sugden (Emeritus)    
Dr Lindsey Thompson Lecturer in Medical Physics Biomedical Sciences
Dr Marcus Tindall Associate Professor of Mathematical Biology

Developing well informed mathematical models of biological and biomedical processes including lipoprotein metabolism, bacterial chemotaxis and tumour growth.

Use of ordinary differential and partial differential equations to elucidate the importance of system mechanisms.

Using computational and analytical (asymptotic) techniques.

Mathematical Modelling of Biological Systems

Dr Ozan Tokatli Research Associate
Haptics, Physical Human Robot Interaction, Robotics
Dr Amanda Unsworth Research Associate  
Dr Nandini Vasudevan Research Division Leader, Biomedical Sciences and Biomedical Engineering

Neuroendocrinology, Molecular Endocrinology, hormone signalling, social behaviours in rodents, Regulation of anxiety and memory, animal behaviour

Molecular & Cellular Medicine

Dr Chris Venditti Associate Professor in Evolutionary Biology

Phylogenetic inference and comparative methods, Speciation, Adaptation and Rates of Evolution


Professor Kim Watson Professor in Structural Biology

Structural & Computational Biology, Chlamydia biology, Infection & Immunity, Diabetes & Obesity, Metabolic Enzymes

Molecular & Cellular Medicine

Ana Wass Teaching Associate Biomedical Science
Professor Oddur Vilhelmsson Visiting Professor  
Professor Ying Zheng Professor in Systems Engineering and Neuroscience

Electrophysiology, Balance of neural excitation and inhibition, Mathematical modelling of field potential and EEG, Brain and Diet, the Aging Brain

Biomedical Engineering

Dr Ioannis Dimitrios Zoulias Research Assistant Brain-Computer Interfaces, Control Systems, Virtual Reality
Biomedical Engineering

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