Dr Teresa Murjas at the University of Reading is inspired by the unique stories of people in extraordinary circumstances.

Her collaborative research project, War Child, is a virtual exhibition that aims to give viewers deeper insight into the experiences of UK-based child evacuees during World War II.

To create this online exhibition, Teresa used film and photography to portray objects in unusual ways and to understand what makes them important historical artefacts.

Combining this approach with audio recordings and text, she developed creative ways to tell viewers more about the people behind these objects.

This strand of Teresa's research stems from her desire to share stories about her own family history through creative practice.

Her work is informed by her family's experiences of displacement during World War II.

Teresa teaches modules at Reading that encourage you to work collaboratively, debate key issues and present your work to peers and tutors.

Visiting theatre companies and filmmakers are also involved in teaching modules, giving expert insight into how they explore similar themes in their work.

Teaching staff on specific courses or modules and specific areas of research may be subject to change.
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We empower people to bring the personal, emotional and family stories to their projects that they haven't had the opportunity to communicate through creative work before.

Dr Teresa Murjas, School of Arts and Communication Design.
University of Reading