Flora Samuel, Professor of Architecture at the University of Reading, is looking to improve the happiness and wellbeing of homeowners by transforming housing design to ensure equality and affordability for all.

She is passionate about the power of great architecture and its ability to improve people’s lives. When backed by research and evidence, it becomes clear what a huge impact such projects can have, leading to exciting new policies on a national scale. Flora is working with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) to push research higher up the agenda as a positive force for change.

At the University of Reading, Architecture students have the opportunity to develop research skills and address issues at the heart of the UK’s housing problems, such as sustainability, space constraints and affordability. They work on real projects, tackling problems head on to create a brighter future for the communities with which they work.

With colleagues at Reading’s School of Architecture, Flora is helping to shape a new generation of architects. By supporting them to develop a formidable skill set, they can be at the forefront of designing inspiring new spaces and homes.

Teaching staff on specific courses or modules and specific areas of research may be subject to change.
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University of Reading

Architecture is not just about buildings; it’s about people. Tomorrow’s architects will be instrumental in conveying architecture as affordable, accessible and vital.

Professor Flora Samuel, School of Architecture
University of Reading