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Tim Renshaw
Position / Job Title:
Lecturer in Art
  • BA Art, PhD Art. Module convenor for BA Art Studio 2

Areas of Interest:

Tim's research interests are in the relationship painting has with the spaces of modern architecture. He also has research interests in building design that anticipate modern spatial design. He is also interested in the idea and form of the notebook as a method of looking and thinking and in particular the idea that a note can be a speculative means to re-plan , un-plan and open up unintended potentials in an existing architectural form. Developing methods of un-planning through processes of painting and then thinking about what this may means for the relationship an embodied subject has with a space is an ongoing concern. Tim is also part of the curatorial group Outside Architecture and is interested in the design of a group exhibition as a further means to un-plan an individual work.

Postgraduate Supervision: Tim welcomes research proposals on; painting and architecture, contemporary formalism, embodied experience of architectural space, un-planning and indeterminacy as a practice.


Research groups / Centres:



Postgraduate Supervision:

I welcome enquiries from prospective postgraduate students with interest in the areas of post seventies abstract painting produced in the wake of conceptual art and artworks concerned with developing a phenomenology of architecture space.

Awards and Residencies:
2007 Cocheme Fellowship, Byam Shaw School of Art
2002 London Arts Board Award
2002 Rome Abbey Fellowship
1997 Arts Council Purchase Award
1993-95 Winchester Fellowship

Solo Exhibitions:
2008 Images in the Vaguest Sense, V22 Ashwinstreet Gallery
2000 Lock-up, London1994"RSI", Winchester Gallery, Winchester* 1991 Battersea Arts Centre, London

Group Exhibitions:
2008 same as it ever was… Art Space Gallery, London*
2007 Painting Unlimited, APT Gallery, London
2006 Transfer, Keith Talent Gallery, London*
2006 V22, Ashwin Street, London*
2006 V22, Clerkenwell, London
2005 Vine Space, London
2005CAS, Bloomberg, London
2005 Short Stories about Painting, Artspace Gallery, London*
2005 Ex Roma, APT Gallery London
2004 John Moores 23,Walker Art Gallery,Liverpool Biennale,Liverpool *
2003 Bad Touch, Keith Talent Gallery, London2003group show, Lump Gallery, Colerado, USA
2003 Painting Degree Zero Keith Talent Gallery, London
2002 Public House The Establishment, London
2002 The British School at Rome, Rome *
2001 Jerwood Painting Prize, The Jerwood, London *
2000 Incorporations Arts and Business, London
1998 Eliminate the Negative Gasworks Gallery, London
1996 Gasworks Gallery, London

(* indicates that a catalogue accompanied this exhibition)

Upcoming Exhibitions:
2009 Turps 2, Galleria Marabini, Bologna, Italy
2009 Outside Architecture – collaborative curatorial project – Tim Renshaw, Bernice Donszelmann, Mary McLean, University of Greenwich, London
2009 Baroque Space, Keith Talent Gallery, London

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