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Anwen Cooper

Anwen Cooper

Areas of interest

  • Bronze and Iron Age Britain and Ireland
  • Later prehistoric northwest Europe
  • Interpretative approaches to landscape, material culture and archaeological practice
  • Fieldwork and post-excavation analysis.


Anwen Cooper is currently working as Project Officer on the University of Reading-led, AHRC-funded Boundary Objects project. She is interested in the Bronze and Iron Ages of north-west Europe (with a particular focus on the British Bronze Age), interpretative approaches to material culture, landscape and archaeological practice. Following ten years of fieldwork (survey and excavation) from 1996-2006, her PhD offered a multidisciplinary perspective on research in British prehistory over the last 40 years.

Over the last ten years she has worked as a postdoctoral researcher on ‘Island of the dead?’ project (University of Durham), the ERC-funded English Landscape and Identities project (University of Oxford), and the Prehistoric Grave Goods project (University of Manchester).

In recent publications, she has explored archaeological ‘big data’, matters of time and scale in English landscape archaeology, and understated burial objects. Alongside her work (part-time) on the Boundary Objects project, Anwen is currently a Senior Researcher at the Cambridge Archaeological Unit and a postdoctoral researcher on the Leverhulme-funded Ebb and Flow Project (University of Oxford).

Selected publications


  • Knight, M. et al. (forthcoming), Must Farm Pile-dwelling Settlement. Volume 1: Interpretation. Cambridge: McDonald Institute Monograph.
  • Knight, M. et al. (forthcoming), Must Farm Pile-dwelling Settlement. Volume 2: Specialist reports. Cambridge: McDonald Institute Monograph.
  • Cooper, A. et al. 2021. Grave Goods: Objects and Death in Later Prehistoric Britain. Oxford: Oxbow.
  • EngLaID Team. 2021. English Landscape and Identities. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Peer-reviewed journal articles

  • Cooper, A., Garrow, D. & Gibson, C. 2020. Spectrums of depositional practice in later prehistoric Britain and beyond: grave goods, hoards and deposits 'in between'. Archaeological Dialogues 27(2), 135-157.
  • Cooper, A. et al. 2019. Covering the dead in later prehistoric Britain: elusive objects and powerful technologies of funerary performance. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society 85, 223-50.
  • Cooper, A. & Green, C. 2017. Big Questions for Large, Complex Datasets: approaching time and space using composite object assemblages. Internet Archaeology 45.
  • Cooper, A. 2017. Other types of meaning: relationships between enduring monuments and landscape 1500 BC-AD 1086. Cambridge Archaeological Journal 26(4),665-96.
  • Cooper, A, et al. 2017. Understanding the English landscape: modelling mass data from England, 1500BC to AD1086. Archaeological Journal 174(1), 244-80.
  • Cooper, A. 2016. 'Held in place': Round barrows in the later Bronze Age of lowland Britain. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society 82, 291-322.
  • Cooper, A. & Green, C. 2016. Embracing the complexities of archaeological 'big data': the case of the English Landscape and Identities project. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 23(1), 271-304.