British and Irish Prehistory in their European Context

This four-year project, funded by the Leverhulme Trust, aimed to reassess the relationship between Britain and Ireland and the near Continent from c 5000 BC to the beginning of the Roman era, drawing particularly on the results of recent development-led excavations. It also aims to evaluate the ways in which differing research traditions, legislative frameworks and fieldwork techniques within the study region influence our understanding of prehistory.

Background and scope of the project

Project outcomes

The main product of the project will be a monograph authored by the project team. A database of prehistoric sites excavated since 1998 within the study region is also being compiled, and this will be made available via the internet at the completion of the project, as a resource for other researchers.

In addition, a 'round table' seminar was held in November 2009 in order to discuss the various legal frameworks and field practices in the study area. This round table gathered archaeologists involved in the various dimensions of development-led archaeology (commercial units, national bodies, controlling agencies, academics) from all of the countries within the study region.

Team Members

The team consisted of:


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