Staff Profile:Dr Pascal Flohr

Areas of Interest:
  • Impact of climate on society
  • Near Eastern archaeology
  • Experimental archaeology
  • The Neolithic
  • Environmental reconstruction
  • Isotope geochemistry
  • Archaeobotany
Research groups / Centres:

Scientific Archaeology Research Group

Centre for Past Climate Change


Key Facts:

Pascal Flohr is a post-doctoral research assistant in Middle Eastern Archaeology, working for Professor Dominik Fleitmann. Her main aim is to assess the impact of climatic events on Holocene Near Eastern societies, by compiling and re-analysing existing data using a database and GIS, with a current focus on Early Holocene rapid climate events, such as the 8.2 ka event.

Pascal's doctoral research focused on reconstructing past water availability by using plant stable isotopic composition, with a main aim of reconstructing past water management practices in the Near East. She was involved in experimental crop growing in Jordan (led by the Water, Life, and Civilisation project in cooperation with NCARE), conducted charring and burial experiments with cereal grains in Jordan and the UK, and applied the method to archaeological plant samples from the Jordan Valley.

Pascal has been involved in several archaeological projects in the Near East, including the experimental building of a replica Neolithic structure based on the site of WF16, Jordan, and documenting and repairing experimental structures at Beidha, also in Jordan. In addition, she has got extensive fieldwork experience in the Near East, at sites like Sabi Abyad in Syria, WF16 and Barqa in Jordan, and Bestansur in Iraq.

More information and publications can be found at Pascal Flohr Academia

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  • Huigens, H. O., van Exel, V., Flohr, P., Kelder, J. M., Koek, E. and Rooijakkers, T. (2014) The ground-stone industry. In: Akkermans, P.M.M.G., Nieuwenhuyse, O. P., Huigens, H. O. and Brüning, M. L. (eds.) Excavations at Late Neolithic Tell Sabi Abyad, Syria. Papers on Archaeology from The Leiden Museum of Antiquities (PALMA). Turnhout: Brepols Publishers, pp. 135-163. ISBN 9782503531113


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Other publications:

Flohr, P., R. Matthews, W. Matthews, A. Richardson, D. Fleitmann. Accepted. Radiocarbon dating of Bestansur and Shimshara. In: R. Matthews, W. Matthews. A. Richardson (eds) CZAP Vol 2, Sedentism and resource management in the Neolithic of the Central Zagros.

Flohr, P. Accepted. Agricultural practices: the stable isotope evidence, in: D. Baird and G. Philip (eds), Tell esh-Shuna Monograph.

Flohr, P., and B. Finlayson. 2013. Presentation, preservation, and experimentation at Beidha, a Neolithic site in Jordan, CBRL Bulletin 8: 59-61.

Flohr, P. 2012. Experimental burial of cereal grains: testing the suitability of archaeological plant remains for isotopic analyses, CBRL Bulletin 7: 67-69.

Flohr, P., B. Finlayson, S. Mithen and M. Najjar. 2011. Building with mud: reconstructing a PPNA pisé building, CBRL Bulletin 6: 52-53.

Flohr, P. 2010. Sowing and burying grains: experiments to investigate the use of plant stable isotopes in archaeology, CBRL Bulletin 5: 57-60.

Flohr, P. and R. T. J. Cappers. 2008. Akkers gearchiveerd in muren. Onderzoek naar Romeinse graanverbouw in Karanis (Egypte), Paleo-Aktueel 19: 125-134.

BA (Leiden), MPhil (Leiden), PhD (Reading)

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