Staff Profile:Dr Catriona Gibson

  • Data collection for Grave Goods Project on the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age of Britain (4000-1500BC)
  • Research in to death and funerary practices during later prehistory
Areas of Interest:
  • Neolithic and Bronze Age death and burial, and associated mortuary practices
  • Ritual and ideology in later prehistory
  • Investigating practices of memory and forgetting in the past
  • Mobility and connectivity during the Bronze Age
  • The Chalcolithic of the Near East
  • Furthering connections between developer-led and academic archaeology
  • Open source databases
Research groups / Centres:

Objects, Materials and People Research Cluster

Key Facts:

Catriona has a MA in Archaeology (University of Edinburgh) and a PhD in the later Bronze Age of Western Iberia (University of Reading). She has worked extensively both in commercial and academic archaeology, the former including almost ten years as a Project Officer/Senior Project Officer with Wessex Archaeology. Prior to joining the Grave Goods Project she was a researcher on the Ancient Britain in the Atlantic Zone Project (ABrAZo) and helped develop the AHRC-funded Atlantic Europe in the Metal Ages Project (AEMA) (both based at the University of Wales. She has also worked on many archaeological investigations abroad, particularly relating to field excavation in Portugal, Turkey and Jordan.

Her current postdoc explores the changing nature of death and burial in Neolithic and Bronze Age Britain, and the diverse roles that grave goods play in funerary rituals.

For more information please visit the Grave Goods project website, and the project can be followed on @Grave_Goods


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