Professor Warwick Rodwell


Visiting Professor

Areas of Interest:
  • Ecclesiastical Archaeology
  • Structural Archaeology
  • Burial Archaeology
  • Archaeology of Furniture and Fittings

Key Facts:

I began my career as an archaeologist of the late prehistoric and Roman periods, and carried out excavations on numerous sites in eastern England. In the early 1970s my research interests moved towards the Anglo-Saxon period, and to the archaeology of buildings and landscapes. Church archaeology was just beginning to emerge as a sub-discipline, and I became heavily involved in its early development, carrying out major excavations and structural analyses on parish churches at Rivenhall, Hadstock, Barton-upon-Humber and Kellington, followed by the cathedrals of Wells and Lichfield. In 1988 I was awarded the Frend Medal by the Society of Antiquaries for services to church archaeology.

From 1975-81 I was director of the regional archaeological unit for South-West England, and have subsequently practised as a consultant archaeologist and architectural historian, working on churches, cathedrals, country houses and castles. I am Consultant Archaeologist to Westminster Abbey and the cathedrals of Bristol, Lichfield and Wells, and formerly to Glastonbury Abbey (1981-2005); I have also served on the Cathedrals Fabric Commission for England (1981-96) and on the Fabric Advisory Committees for Salisbury and Exeter cathedrals. From 1982-2006 I was advisor to the States of Jersey and various heritage bodies in the island, and carried out surveys and excavations on many medieval and later buildings. The major project was overseeing the restoration of Mont Orgueil Castle (1995-2006). I am currently principally occupied with programmes of structural recording, archaeological investigation and publication at Westminster Abbey.

Since 1965, I have published extensively, covering all periods of British archaeology from the Iron Age onwards. The first edition of my Archaeology of the English Church was published in 1981 and has remained the standard textbook on the subject; three monographs on the archaeology of Jersey have so far appeared, as has my two-volume study of the Archaeology of Wells Cathedral (2001); one volume on the archaeology of St Peter's Church, Barton-upon-Humber has appeared and the second is in press (2008).


Monographs and Articles

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Desktop Publications

W. Wilkins, W. Rodwell & C. Hamilton, 2007. Llanelly House, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire: Conservation Management Plan. Llanelli Town Council.

W. Rodwell, 2005. The Abbey Church of St Peter and St Paul, Dorchester-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. An Archaeological and Historical Survey. 3 vols. Pp. 267. Dorchester PCC.

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W. Rodwell, 1997. Wilbury House, Newton Toney, Wiltshire. An Archaeological and Historical Assessment. Pp. 92. Countess of Iveagh.


MA, DPhil, DLitt (Oxon.), D.Lit (Lond.), DLC, FSA, FRHistS, FSAScot

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