Staff Profile:Dr Sam Poskitt

Mr Samuel Poskitt
Job Title:
Post Doctoral Research Assistant

Sam is a researcher with a background in geography, environmental anthropology, and participatory approaches for understanding and promoting social-ecological resilience. Sam works alongside Prof. Peter Dorward and Dr Graham Clarkson on Participatory Integrated Climate Services for Agriculture (PICSA). PICSA is a participatory extension approach that combines historical climate data and forecasts with farmers' knowledge of what works in their own context, and then uses participatory planning methods to help them make informed decisions about their agricultural practices. Sam is responsible for supporting the continued development and scaling-out of PICSA. This includes: facilitation and use of participatory methodologies for research and training, evaluating and understanding the effects of PICSA, adapting the PICSA approach to new contexts, as well as supporting the growing network of practitioners using PICSA worldwide. Sam is especially interested in understanding how PICSA facilitates learning about the connections between agriculture and climate variability and change, as well as other environmental and socio-economic factors. Furthermore, he is interested in farmers' responses to this learning.

In March 2018, Sam completed his PhD at the University of Reading, entitled: 'Investigating the benefits of participatory scenario planning for tackling social-ecological problems.' In this, he explored how collectively imagining alternative, plausible future events, conditions and trajectories could help stakeholders learn about and develop responses to complex problems in connected human and environmental systems. He has experience of conducting research in Zambia, Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa and Bangladesh. He also has practical experience supporting project evaluation for small-scale NGOs, as well as working to improve impact and ethics in the international volunteering sector.

Areas of Interest:

Sam is broadly interested in exploring the connectedness of human and environmental systems, especially the diverse ways in which people understand and engage with these connections. Specific interests include:

  • Participatory and transdisciplinary approaches for learning, research and planning
  • Interaction of different knowledges and worldviews
  • Social-ecological resilience
  • Sustainable adaptation to climate variability and change
  • Collaborative learning and innovation
Research groups / Centres:
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