Staff Profile:Dr Freddy van Hulst

Mr Freddy Van Hulst
Job Title:
Post Doctoral Research Assistant
Areas of Interest:

My main research interests include:

  • Inclusive and pro-poor agricultural innovation
  • Agro-ecology and sustainability transitions
  • Extension and communication for smallholder agriculture
  • Interplay between farmers' and scientists knowledges
  • Participatory approaches and rural livelihoods

Key facts:

Freddy is a researcher with a background in agricultural knowledge and innovation systems (AKIS), agro-ecology for small-scale farmers, and participatory approaches in rural development. He works alongside Professors, Peter Dorward and Donal O'Sullivan, on the 'Beans for North Africa' project, which surrounds social and economic dimensions of faba bean production and consumption in Egypt and Tunisia.

As social scientist Freddy is interested in understanding how processes of agricultural innovation and rural change can contribute to thriving agro-ecosystems that deliver multiple benefits to farmers and the wider society. Prior to this role, he worked as agricultural sociologist at the James Hutton Institute.

With research experience in various developing countries and in Europe, he has expertise in qualitative and quantitative approaches, including the Reasoned Action Approach (or Theory of Planned Behaviour), Social Network Analysis, Co-constructed Mental Models, and institutional analysis. He has an interest in various theoretical approaches, including Sen's Capability Approach and Habermas' Theory of Communicative Action, which can help critique the persistent linear thinking about change in various contexts.

In 2016 he gained his PhD at the Natural Resources Institute of the University of Greenwich, with a dissertation titled: "Creating capabilities for sustainable smallholder agriculture: A systems perspective on innovation and the adoption of Conservation Agriculture in Kenya and Madagascar".

Freddy is a regular peer reviewer for various journals (including Land Use Policy, and Journal of Rural Studies). He currently supervises PhD candidate Lamin Kamara (with first supervisor Prof. Peter Dorward) on a thesis titled "The Use of Agricultural Innovation Systems Approaches in Sierra Leone: Exploring Perceptions on Innovations in Rice Production, Research and Extension".

Current research project:

Traits and technologies to boost North African protein self-sufficiency - UK Research Council (BBSRC GCRF) funded (2017-2019).

Previous research projects include:

  • Agricultural Knowledge: Linking farmers, advisors and researchers to boost innovation (AGRILINK). European Commission funded H2020 project (2017-2021).
  • Monitoring and Evaluation for Ecosystem Management - Comparing theory and practice across Europe (MEEM). Funded by Alter-Net (2017-2018).
  • VariousScottish Government Strategic Research Programme funded research (2016-2021), including:
    • Practical interventions to realise multiple benefits and manage trade-offs, exploring the potential for collaborative approaches to landscape-scale management.
    • Alternative approaches to sustainable land management, using a co-constructed mental modelling approach to explore convergence and divergence in views on agro-ecology in Scotland.
  • Agro-ecology based aggradation-Conservation Agriculture (ABACO). European Commission funded project (2011-2015).
Research groups / Centres:
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Dr Freddy van Hulst

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