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Following the completion of my PhD on incorporating grass-clover and lucerne silages into dairy cow diets, I now work as a post-doctoral research assistant to Professor Christopher Reynolds on the following projects:

  • The DiverseForages Project - Assisting with the management and sampling of herbal ley trial plots at multiple sites; helping to set up a two-year grazing experiment to test the nutritional value of herbal leys within ruminant diets; and collating data from across several work packages. This project is led by colleagues at the University of Reading in collaboration with Duchy College, Rothamsted Research North Wyke, and Cotswold Seeds and is funded by SARIC.
  • Long-Term Protein Utilisation: DEFRA-Funded project - Collating and analysing data from a six year collaborative project investigating the long-term effect of feeding lactating dairy cows low protein diets. Collaborators on the project include IBERS (Aberystwyth University), SRUC, and Rothamsted Research with thanks to DEFRA and AHDB Dairy for providing funding.
  • CEDAR knowledge exchange coordinator - Organising the translation of knowledge gained through research projects conducted at the Centre for Dairy Research to audiences of farmers, agricultural industry representatives, and the general public.
Areas of Interest:

I am interested in the following areas of research:

  • Use of alternative forages (e.g. clover, lucerne) for the livestock sector
  • Using Near Infra-Red Reflectance Spectroscopy for conserved forage analysis
  • Forage mixture dynamics - agronomy, plant-soil and plant-animal interactions
  • Reducing environmental impacts of milk and meat production
  • Ruminant digestive physiology

Current opportunities:

As part of The DiverseForages Project we would be interested in recruiting a self-funded PhD or MSc research student(s)to investigate the effect of herbal ley botanical composition on aspects of the environment and on the nutritional status of grazing beef steers. Prospective PhD students should contact Professor Chris Reynolds in the first instance.

Research groups / Centres:


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