Efficiency of Protein Utilisation in Dairy Cows

Meet the Team

University of Reading:

Professor Chris Reynolds

Professor of Animal & Dairy Science

Chris' research has focused primarily on the nutritional physiology of ruminants and energy metabolism. Recent research themes include the metabolic and endocrine regulation of appetite, the enhancement of milk and meat fatty acid composition to improve consumer health, and reducing the environmental impact of milk and meat production.

Current research projects are focusing on reducing nitrogen and methane excretion from ruminants and the effects of dairy foods on appetite and body weight in humans. Chris is currently the Dairy and Meat Foods and Health sub-theme leader for the Food Chain and Health Research Theme at Reading. With his collaborators and students previous research has focused on the effects of diet composition on nutrient absorption and metabolism in lactating dairy cows, the role of fats in ruminant rations and their effects on milk and meat composition, and the nutrition and metabolism of transition dairy cows.

Email: c.k.reynolds@reading.ac.uk

Dr Les Crompton

Email: l.a.crompton@reading.ac.uk

Dr Anna Thomson

Email: a.l.thomson@reading.ac.uk

Professor Richard Bennett

Email: r.m.bennett@reading.ac.uk

Dr Philip Jones

Email: p.j.jones@reading.ac.uk

Mr Barney Jones

Email: a.k.jones@reading.ac.uk

Dr Dave Humphries

Email: d.j.humphries@reading.ac.uk


University of Aberystwyth:

Dr Jon Moorby

Ruminant nutritionist, specialising in nutrient supply and utilisation in dairy cows, with particular emphasis on N use efficiency. Research interests include nutrient supply and utilisation from fresh and conserved forages for production, dietary manipulation to minimise climate change pollution, and metabolomic analysis for nutritional and welfare diagnostics (including transmissible spongiform encephalopathies).

Email: jon.moorby@aber.ac.uk


Rothamsted Research North Wyke:

Professor Tom Misselbrook

Tom currently leads the Soil Atmospheric Interactions research group at North Wyke. Current research activities relate mostly to greenhouse gas and ammonia emissions from agricultural sources: quantification, understanding processes, model development and development of abatement strategies. Responsible for the compilation of the UK inventories of greenhouse gas and ammonia emissions from agricultural sources. Increasingly involved in research linking gaseous emissions research with quantification of other pollutant emission pathways and production measurements to enable identification of 'win-win' scenarios. Project leader on a number of multi-partner projects. Collaborate extensively both within UK and with research partners in Europe and elsewhere; regularly participate in UNECE and IPCC Task Force meetings regarding inventory methodologies and emission abatement strategies.

Previous research activities include more broadly based research on manure N utilisation within grassland systems and quantification and abatement of odours.

Email: tom.misselbrook@rothamsted.ac.uk

Basque Centre for Climate Change

Dr Agustin Del Prado

Email: agustin.delprado@bc3research.org


Scotland's Rural College:

Professor Dave Roberts

Head of SRUC Dairy Research Centre at Crichton Royal Farm, Dumfries.

Dave's research interests are dairy farming systems, grassland and nutrition. In addition, he is also interested in knowledge exchange and farm management research.

Email: Dave.Roberts@sac.ac.uk

Jenifer Flockhart

Email: Jennifer.Flockhart@sac.ac.uk

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