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International Development

Our research focuses on the interfaces between environment, people and development. We are particularly interested in processes of negotiation, power and politics, as understood through people's own narratives, and the associated ways in which they make decisions and create meaningful places in which to live. This has implications for contemporary international development debates concerning social differentiation and inequality, ensuring resilient food systems, adapting to climate change, and delivering growth and prosperity.

Our approach:

- We take a grounded approach to theoretical development, which is informed by empirical research and people's contextual experiences;

- Our critical engagement seeks to extend and deepen knowledge of how people make their livings in different socioeconomic and natural environments;

- We blend interdisciplinary approaches and methodologies (qualitative, quantitative and participatory) to enable us to address current development challenges;

- All of our research is policy and practice-relevant, and we constantly seek to engage stakeholders to ensure impact.

Thematic research areas:

  • Livelihoods, resilience and change
  • Knowledge, communication and innovation
  • Agriculture, food and environment pathways
  • Perceptions and decision making
  • Governance and policy

Explore our individual staff pages for details of current research projects, linkage to other research groupings (e.g. Walker Institute, Global Development Division) and PhD research themes staff may be able to supervise.

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