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Consumption, Production and Policy Research

Our research activity focuses on thematic areas within behavioural economics and business management to enhance production and resource use, as well as in marketing. There are three core areas:

Farm businesses and their management

Research explores the economic, environmental and social aspects of sustainable farming systems linked to the major research themes of the University on food security, climate change and diet and health. More specifically, the areas of research that staff engage in include:

  • Impacts of, and response to, policy and market change
  • Metrics at the farm level: farm technical efficiency
  • Impacts and management of livestock disease
  • Crops and genetic modification
  • Biofuels and renewable energy
  • The environmental sustainability of farming systems
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation

Farmer behaviour

Understanding the behaviour and motives of those who manage land is vital due to competing and often conflicting uses. For example, most empirical studies suggest that profit maximisation is not a universally valid assumption. Land managers fall into distinctive behavioural types, with each type motivated by a variety of values, and having discernibly distinct orders of priorities. Our research includes: farm extension and knowledge transfer; understanding behaviours towards the adoption of livestock technologies; and how land management strategies of farmers affect the biodiversity of the countryside

Consumer behaviour and marketing

Consumer behaviour and marketing research examines a number of diverse issues, such as consumer attitudes and acceptance/rejection of GM foods, socio-psychological and cultural underpinnings of fashion consumption, portfolio advertising and corporate social responsibility. Work also currently includes a field experiment on household energy use motivated by climate change and energy policy agendas. The research draws on behavioural economics, and uses a range of analytical approaches, such as surveys, choice experiments, means-end chains, depth interviews and focus groups. Our recent work has had important managerial and policy implications.

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