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The Applied Economics and Marketing group undertakes research and policy analysis in a multidisciplinary setting, blending theoretical and empirical approaches, to address questions connected to agriculture, food, health, nutrition, and the environment. We are leaders in economic and social sciences, and at the forefront of the development and application of methodologies within these fields. We include agricultural and animal health economists, econometricians, environmental and ecological economists, and consumer behaviour and marketing experts. We have a diverse range of skills and expertise, working in higher- and lower-income countries on policy-relevant research across four broad research clusters:

We are responsible for, and contribute to, the teaching of undergraduate degree programmes in Consumer Behaviour and Marketing, Food Marketing and Business Economics, and Agricultural Business Management. Our Graduate Institute of International Development, Agriculture and Economics' (GIIDAE) Masters degree programmes include Agricultural Economics, Food Economics and Marketing, and a new MSc in Consumer Behaviour. Our group supervises over 30 students undertaking Higher Degrees by Research .

Our group also incorporates the Centre for Agricultural Strategy (CAS) which undertakes independent strategic assessments of developments in food supply chain issues on a commercial basis; and the Agricultural and Food Investigation Team (AFIT) which carries out the Defra funded Farm Business Survey and other farm-based investigations. Group members contribute significantly to the work of the Centre for Food Security and the Walker Institute for Climate System Research and the Farm Management Unit based at the University.

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