Economic and Social Sciences Research Division

ESSThe Economics and Social Science Division conducts research and policy analysis in a multidisciplinary setting applied to the areas of agriculture, food, health and the environment. Our research concerns and takes place in both developed and developing economies and has a strong policy orientation that involves interaction with national and international organisations, both private and public. The Division staff comprises some 30 applied economists and social scientists with a diverse range of skills and expertise with a strong core of quantitative economists although much use is also made of qualitative research approaches such as those used in socio-psychology. In all of our work we develop and apply state of the art methods at the frontiers of applied social science and engage in inter- and multi-disciplinary research in collaboration with scientists and others both within the University and with other national and international institutions.

Members of the Division are responsible for, and contribute to, the teaching of undergraduate degree programmes in Consumer Behaviour and Marketing, Food Marketing and Business Economics and Agricultural Business Management; and Masters degree programmes administered by the Graduate Institute of International Development and Applied Economics (GIIDAE) as well as the supervision of students undertaking Higher Degrees by Research.

The Division contains the Centre for Agricultural Strategy (CAS) - which is a self-funded unit that undertakes research and consultancy on food supply chain issues on a commercial basis, the Agricultural and Food Investigation Team (AFIT) - which carries out the Defra funded Farm business Survey amongst other farm-based investigations and the  - which studies various individual, household, community and national issues in developing countries and the livelihoods of those affected. Division members contribute significantly to the work of the  based at the University.

Our main areas of research are:

  • Environmental, ecological and resource economics
  • Sustainability
  • Technical efficiency
  • Economic valuation
  • Food economics
  • Consumer behaviour and marketing
  • Behavioural economics
  • Farm businesses and their management
  • Farmer behaviour
  • Economics and policies of animal health and welfare
  • Applied econometric methods
  • Agricultural and food supply chain policy
  • Economic modelling of agricultural and food systems
  • Overseas development and livelihoods

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