Sue Morgan Award winners

Sarah and NanaThe School of Agriculture, Policy and Development is delighted to announce that Nana Afua Ofosua-Boakye, MSc Development Finance student and Sarah Yanume Beinpuo, MSc Agricultural Economics student, here in the Graduate Institute of International Development, Agriculture and Economics (GIIDAE), are the recipients of this year's Sue Morgan Memorial Trust Award.

The Sue Morgan Memorial Trust Award is an annual prize open to postgraduate students, which aims to provide financial support to individuals from African countries, particularly Malawi and Mozambique, who need assistance to pursue agricultural studies at a University level in the United Kingdom with a view to helping with agricultural development in their own countries.

"This award is a true blessing", said Nana Afua: "I am sincerely honoured and grateful to the Sue Morgan Trust to have been selected for an award. Receiving this merit-based award affirms for me that I am seen as having a potential benefit to the society I belong to. It will help me successfully get through my programme due to the difficulties that I have faced following the restrictions within the financial sector of Ghana and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic."

Sarah Yanume also commented, saying:

"This award has given me some level of calm as I can now look forward to completing my programme, which I had previously felt at a point of almost giving up due to financial hardship. Now, I am looking forward to completing my studies and pursuing my dream of helping to reduce poverty levels of peasant farmers in Ghana through the management of risk they face with agricultural insurance schemes."

The Trust was created in memory of Sue Morgan, who tragically died in Mozambique in June 1991. Sue was an alumnus of the School, completing her MSc in Tropical Agricultural Development in the session 1988/89 and at the time of her death, she had been working as an Agricultural Economist for the Food Studies group in the Department of Development studies at Oxford University.


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