The RECAP H2020 project website has been launched

20 January 2017



The RECAP project (Personalised public services in support of the implementation of the CAP) is supported by the EU programme on "ICT- enabled open government" until October 2018. The SAPD participate in a consortium of 12 partners in 6 European countries to develop a platform for improving the efficiency and transparency of the compliance with the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) monitoring procedure:

The RECAP services will assist Paying Agencies to increase efficiency and reduce the cost of the controls for cross compliance:

    • Through the use of Remote Sensing full and open access data.
    • Through user-generated data (geo-referenced and time-stamped photos) provided by farmers.
    • Through the use of a modern mobile application (optimised for tablets) that will allow inspectors to bring all relevant information about an audit at their fingertips and conduct the inspection process according to a guidance protocol based on checklists that will speed up the process and eliminate (as much as possible) any "grey" points or subjectivity.

Moreover, it will assist farmers to comply with regulations imposed by the CAP, through a mobile application (optimised for smartphones) which will facilitate the interpretation of complex regulations and provide alerts on potential breaches.

Finally, will allow agricultural consultants to create new added value services, building on the components and data of RECAP.

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