Ceres Agritech Knowledge Exchange Partnership awarded £4.78m

13th April 2018

Ceres Agritech Knowledge Exchange robotFive leading universities, including the University of Reading, have recently formed a new partnership to help develop commercial business based on the latest innovations in agriculture technology.

The Ceres Agritech Knowledge Exchange Partnership has been awarded £4.78m of funding, and includes the universities of Cambridge, Lincoln, East Anglia, and Hertfordshire, in addition to John Innes Centre, Rothmansted Research and the National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB).

Professor Julian Park, Head of Agriculture, Policy and Development at the University of Reading said:

"There are great opportunities for farming associated with the continued emergence of new technologies that can enhance productivity, the environment and welfare standards. However, one of the key challenges is encouraging the uptake of such technologies across the sector

"This latest partnership between the University of Reading and other key agricultural universities will provide a useful platform to help some of the best and brightest innovations in the sector be accessible to those that need it most.

"at the University of Reading, we are excited about the opportunities to bring our latest research, such as robotic weed control, agronomy that is more precise, more environmentally friendly ruminant production and healthier food products".

This new partnership aims to improve access and interest in agritech innovation and support the growth and productivity in the agriculture sector. Ceres will bring together complementary research and commercialisation experience of the five universities and three agricultural research centres, and connect the institutions to support commercial partners.


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