17th International Student Summit

11th January 201817th-International-Student-Summit

Agriculture students from across the globe gathered at the 17th International Student Summit held at National Chung Hsing University at Taichung City, in Taiwan at the end of September to discuss: "students taking action to address inequality through greater access to resources and knowledge in order to promote sustainable agriculture".

Kyle Marlow-Spalding, BSc International Development student, represented the School of Agriculture, Policy and Development presenting his work entitled: 'Sustainable Agriculture: Programmes, policy and promotion'.

Commenting on his experience at the summit he said: "My participation in the 17th International Students Summit was undeniably one of my greatest achievements to date. It still comes as a surprise that platforms like this are available to those who seek them, especially given the extensive funding provided by Tokyo NODAI - making the opportunity financially accessible to all. The chance to meet with likeminded individuals from 32 nations has proven to be a fantastic networking and learning opportunity and together we have established an active forum where posts, and suggestions about how to move our programmes forward, are posted daily."

Kyle continued: "The experience is helping me in my studies this year, as I am now more confident in delivering presentations and felt prepared for this academic year due to the report I complied over the summer. As well as this, the experience is allowing me to demonstrate multiple desirable and employable skills and qualities, which are proving to be valuable to my internship applications. It has undoubtedly been invaluable to my personal and academic development.

I reflect upon the trip as a fantastic opportunity to meet individuals who feel a collective responsibility for the future of food, agricultural and environmental sustainability. This link should without question remain open to future students and the relationship between University of Reading and Tokyo NODAI should be extended into the future."

Due to the ever growing world sustainability crisis it is of great importance to bring together the wisdom and vitality of youth, the leaders of the future, to exchange views and ideas on global food, agricultural and environmental issues.

The summit was divided into four sessions:

Students' Actions in the field of food

Students' Actions in the field of environment

Students' Actions in the field of agriculture

Students' Actions in the field of education

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