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AFIT publications and results

Farm business surveys

Data is available in the format of Government Office Region reports and may be accessed via our FBS report page (RBR)

If you are interested in data prior to 2005 please contact us.

FBS enterprise reports

The following series of Enterprise reports are made available electronically , new editions are published each Spring, and may be downloaded as required from our RBR Publications Page on the RBR website. However Reading has particular responsibility for the reports relating to Horticulture and Poultry. We are happy to make available hard copies of these when requested.

  • Crop Production in England
  • Dairy Farming in England
  • Hill Farming in England
  • Horticulture Production in England
  • Lowland Grazing Livestock Production in England
  • Pig Production in England
  • Poultry Production in England

Farm business benchmarking online

This enables the comparison of your own results with those derived from all the other farms participating in the Farm Business Survey in England. A comprehensive set of instructions are available when using the Farm Business Benchmarking online service. You will be asked to enter the financial results from your farm report, together with a few basic details that best describe your farm so that the most relevant type groups can be selected

Other Agriculture and Food Investigation Team publications

  • Hardy Nursery Stock Production in England and Wales. Richard Crane, Andrew Errington and Patrick Woodlock. (Special Studies in Agricultural Economics, Report No. 23 (1993))
  • The Economics of Hardy Nursery Stock Production in England. Richard Crane and Carlos Barahona. (Special Studies in Agricultural Economics, Report No. 32 (1996))

  • Machinery, Buildings and Overhead costs and Agricultural Contracting on farms in England and Wales 2000/01. Abigail Tiffin. (Special Studies in Agricultural Economics, Report No. 54 (2002))

Other units

AFIT is one of 6 RBR units undertaking the Farm Business Survey.

Things to do now

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  • Horticulture in England
  • Poultry Production in England

(Published each Spring)

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