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Teacher Training - Advice on providing the correct identity documents for the DBS check

You will need to provide at least three original ID documents and also documents confirming any name changes for your DBS application:

  • All three documents must be in your current name.
  • At least one ID document must be from Group 1.  
  • At least one ID document should include photographic identity.
  • At least one ID document must show your current address.
  • If you have previously been known by any other name(s), you will need to provide original documentation confirming your name change(s) along with your three other ID documents.(If you were adopted before the age of 10, you do not need to enter your surname at birth on your DBS application and you will therefore not need to provide documentation confirming this change of name)
  • If you are a non-UK national, you will need to provide at least one Primary Group document, which shows that you have leave to enter or remain in the UK. Acceptable Primary Group documents include a valid biometric residence permit, or online immigration status along with a share code. You will also need to provide at least two more documents from Groups 1, 2a, or 2b.

Please note:

  • DBS ID checking guidelines, do not allow us to accept documentation printed directly from the internet e.g., internet bank statements.  If providing a bank statement please provide the pdf letter version that you receive in the post that shows your name, address and account identifying information (account number/sort code).
  • Please be aware of the expiry dates that apply to some of the documents. We recommend that you bring acceptable ID documents to your interview which will still be valid and in date by September 2024, where possible.
  • We have been advised by the DBS that any applications received containing incorrect data in the National Insurance, DVLA or Passport number fields may lead to applications being withdrawn by the DBS.  Please make sure you complete this information carefully on your application as fees are non-refundable for applications that are withdrawn by the DBS.

We recommend that you provide three documents from those listed under Group 1 and Group 2a if you are able to.

Group 1:

  • Current valid passport
  • Current valid driving licence photocard - full or provisional (UK, Isle of Man, and Channel Islands)
  • Birth certificate - issued within 12 months of birth (UK, Isle of Man, and Channel Islands) (full or short form acceptable, including those issued by UK authorities overseas, such as embassies, High Commissions and HM Forces)
  • Biometric residence permit (UK)
  • Adoption certificate (UK and Channel Islands)

Group 2a documents:

  • Current valid driving photocard from country outside of the UK
  • UK, Isle of Man or Channel Islands birth certificate - issued after the time of birth
  • Marriage/civil partnership certificate (UK and Channel Islands)

Group 2b documents -  please only provide documents from this group if you do not have three documents from Group 1 or 2a or if none of the documents you have include your current address:

Documents marked ** are only valid for 12 months. Please only provide these documents if they have been issued since September 2023:

  • Mortgage statement (UK) **
  • Financial statement (UK) - e.g., Student Loan Confirmation, endowment, ISA statement (UK)**
  • P45/P60 statement (UK and Channel Islands)**
  • Council Tax statement (UK and Channel Islands)**
  • Valid EEA National ID card
  • Valid Irish passport card - cannot be accepted if also providing Irish passport
  • Valid cards carrying the PASS accreditation logo (UK, Isle of Man, and Channel Islands)


These documents are only valid for 3 months so may be out of date by the time we process your DBS application.  Please provide 3 documents from the other groups, if possible:

  • Bank/building society statement (UK and Channel Islands) 
  • Bank/building society account opening confirmation letter (UK)
  • Credit card statement (UK)
  • Utility Bill (UK only - mobile telephone bill not acceptable) 
  • A document from Central or Local Government/Government Agency/Local Authority giving entitlement (UK and Channel Islands only)



If you have any questions about providing the correct identity documents for the DBS check, please contact the Admissions Support team.