Ranko Bon is Professor of Construction Management and Economics in the Department of Construction Management & Engineering at the University of Reading.  From 1996 to 1999 he headed the Department.  Professor Bon holds a Diplomate Engineer in Architecture degree from Belgrade University (1969), a Master’s in City Planning from Harvard (1972), and a Ph.D. in Urban Studies and Planning from MIT (1975).  Before his present post, he has taught in the Economics Department at Northeastern University (1980-83) and the Architecture Department at MIT (1983-90). 


He directs the Master of Science in Construction Management Program.  Together with Ms. Virginia Gibson, from the Department of Land Management & Development, he also directs the Master of Science in Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Management Program. 


He has published numerous papers on construction or building economics and corporate real estate management, as well as several books including Building as an Economic Process: An Introduction to Building Economics (Prentice-Hall, 1989), Economic Structure and Maturity (Ashgate, 2000), and The Future of International Construction, with David Crosthwaite (Thomas Telford, 2000). 


Together with Dr. Will Hughes, he edits Construction Management and Economics (Spon), the leading international journal in the field.  He currently heads two research units: the European Construction Economics Research Unit (ECERU), and the Corporate Real Estate Management Research Unit (CREMRU).  Under the auspices of ECERU, since 1992 he has conducted annual surveys on the future of international construction.  Similarly, since 1993 CREMRU has conducted annual surveys of corporate real estate practices around the globe.  Since 1997 this survey has been conducted jointly with Johnson Controls Incorporated.  Together with Dr. Luc Bourdeau of CSTB in France, Professor Bon serves as a coordinator of the International Building Council (CIB) Working Commission W82, “Future Studies in Construction.”  He has been an active member of CIB W55, “Building Economics,” since 1984.



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