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Archive Collections: a summary guide

Society Records

Agricultural Apprenticeship Council

Permission of the depositor is required for consultation of this material

Administrative files; minutes; cyclos; correspondence

Council for National Parks

Administrative files, 1970s; publications and press releases, 1980s-1990s.

Council for the Protection of Rural England

Permission of the depositor is required for consultation of some of this collection.

Minute books, 1926-66; annual and monthly reports, 1927-83; administrative and case files, 1920s-1980s; photographs; publications, 1920s-1980s; posters; press cuttings; miscellaneous subject reference files and maps.

Council for the Protection of Rural England, Hampshire Branch

Minute books, with annual reports, 1930-77; annual report, 1984-5; photographs, 1960s

Council for the Protection of Rural England, Penn Country Branch

Accounts; minutes; reports; case files

Council for the Protection of Rural England, Sheffield and Peak District Branch

Annual reports, 1936-1984; publications; exhibition panels, 'Save the Countryside' exhibition, 1937.

Country Landowners' Association

Minute books, 1919-1958; files relating to committees and activities, 1942-1961; annual reports, 1948-1951; other reports, 1909-1962; rules, 1932, 1938; publications; reference material on the society's history; miscellaneous papers relating to Viscount Bledisloe.

International Association of Agricultural Economists

Files relating to conferences, 1929-1971

Jersey Cattle Society of Great Britain

Minutes, 1885-1958; accounts, 1950s-1970s; membership registers, 1933-1940; publications, 1921-1938; minutes of the English Kerry and Dexter Society, 1917-1931.

National Dairy Council

Publicity files and scrapbooks; film.

National Farmers Union

Includes records of the Agricultural Organization Society, National Poultry Council, Fatstock Mraketing Corporation Ltd

Ledgers, 1918-1942; cash books, 1909-1939; day books, 1922-1932; minute books, annual meetings, general council and committees, 1909-1946; cyclo books, 1920-1941; house journals and yearbooks, 1921-1940, 1984-5; publications, posters, 1940s-1970s.

Agricultural Organization Society: minute books1912-1923. National Poultry Council: minute books, 1919-1943. Fatstock Marketing Corporation: files relating to the company's history, 1954-1969.

National Federation of Village Produce Associations

Minutes; administrative files.

National Union of Agricultural and Allied Workers

First deposit. Accounts, 1907-1930s; minutes, executive committee, 1907-1945; minutes, other committees, 1913-1942; reports, 1913-1946, 1962-1971; lists of officers and members, 1914-15; files for 'The Labourer', 1915-1918; branch minutes, St Faith's, Collingham, Tuttingham, 1907-1949; miscellaneous administrative material; press cuttings; song books; minutes of the Agricultural Wages Board, 1917-1920; diary of Joseph Arch, 1876, 1892.

Other deposits. Accounts, 1960s-1970s; minutes, executive committee, 1961-1981; minutes, other committees, 1960-1969; records of various branches and areas, 1950s-1970s; records of wage claims, minutes of Agricultural Wages Board, 1947-1970s; general administrative records, 1950s-1970s; conference reports, 1948-1983; horticulture files; press cuttings and press releases; photographs; Labour Party correspondence, 1966-69; merger with Transport and General Workers Union, file, 1979-1982.

Open Spaces Society

Collection of transparencies, photographs, publications and maps.

Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution

Ledgers, 1883-1954; income analysis books, 1898-1955; pensions payments, 1885-1953; financial statements, 1957-1967; printed annual reports, 1957-1994; minutes, 1944-1964; charter, 1935, 1957; publicity.

Royal Agricultural Society of England

Board of Agriculture, accounts, 1794-1820; minute books, 1797-1822; letter books, 1793-1800, 1810-1822; reprts and surveys, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Flanders.

RASE. Accounts, 1838-1965; minute books, council, 1844-1932; minute books, committees, 1840-1948; lists of governors and members, 1840-1940s; administrative records: property, shows, education; legal records; press cuttings book, Sir Walter Gilbey; photographs.

Rural Industries Bureau

Photographs, 1920s-30s (DX338); press cuttings, 1930s (DX138).

Shorthorn Society of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

Minute books, 1875-1960; reports of proceedings at AGM and council, 1925-40; registers of breed inspections, 1947-1968; volumes of sale catalogues, 1838-1922; press cuttings, 1859-1934; minutes, Dairy Shorthorn Association, 1926-31, Shorthorn Breeders Club, 1928-64.

Standing Conference on Countryside Sports

Administrative and correspondence files relating to annual and special meetings, 1977-1987; general subject files, 1979-81; publications from other organizations.

Wokingham and District Agricultural Association

Minute books, 1879-1972; financial statements, 1928-1977; administrative papers, 1895-1940; show records, 1895-1984.

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