The Rural History Centre

Address: The University of Reading, Whiteknights, PO Box 229, Reading, Berkshire RG6 6AG, England. Telephone: (0118)9318660. Fax: 0118 9751264

Archives and Business Records

The Rural History Centre is a major national repository for archives of agriculture and rural life.

Trade Records

Business records of firms in agricultural engineering, processing, and farm and garden seed production. Some of the principal deposits are:

  • John Allen & Sons (Oxford) Ltd, engineers
  • Bomford & Evershed Ltd, engineers
  • Clayton & Shuttleworth, engineers
  • John Fowler & Co (Leeds) Ltd
  • R Hunt & Co Ltd, Earls Colne, engineers
  • International Harvester Company of Great Britain
  • Lawes Chemical Company
  • McHattie & Co Ltd, seedsmen
  • Marshall, Sons & Co
  • Nalder & Nalder Ltd
  • Nitrate Corporation of Chile
  • Ranks Hovis McDougall Ltd
  • Ransomes Sims & Jefferies Ltd
  • Suttons Seeds
  • Wallis & Steevens Ltd, engineers
  • Wantage Engineering Co Ltd

    Society Records

    Records of major organisations connected with agriculture and the countryside are deposited at the Rural History Centre, including:

    Co-operative Records

    Records of agricultural trading co-operatives

    Other Records

    The Centre holds a wide range of other archives covering such subjects as crafts and rural industries; literary papers; research papers; scientific papers.

    Deposits include:

  • Beaven. Research papers of E.S.Beaven on barley and malt
  • Bellerby. Research papers of J.R.Bellerby, agricultural economist
  • Hunter. Papers of Herbert Hunter, agricultural scientist
  • Parry. Papers of H.D.Parry, agricultural biologist, on scrapie
  • Stapledon. Papers of Sir George Stapledon, on grassland development

    Further details are given in the Document Collection summary guide

    Further Details

    Summary guides to collections are available:

    These collections may be consulted by appointment with the Business Records Officer, Dr Jonathan Brown (The Rural History Centre, University of Reading, Whiteknights, PO Box 229, Reading, Berkshire, England; telephone 0118 9318666, fax 0118 9751264)

    The Archives collection also includes Farm records

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