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Here is a sample of the images we have in our image library. You can see the expanded version by clicking on each image or you could visit us to see the original collection. There is no online ordering system for the image library. If you know what you would like to see, or need advice contact us You can also telephone us on 0118 378 8660 of fax us on 0118 378 5632

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Image reference: P DX318 PH2 H55/10

Violin maker; E.H.Varney of High Wycombe.

Image reference: P DX318 PH2 H18/2

Saddler at work on new saddle. H.J.Pearce of East Ilsley,
Berkshire. c.1930’s.

Image reference: P DX318 PH2 H46/17

Brick making , Reading.c.1940.

Image reference: P DX374 H5

Bell making, Whitechapel Foundry. Cleaning
the new bells, cast the previous day.

Image reference: P DX374 H20

Cricket bat making. Ben Warsop, Essex.

Image reference: P FS PH2 H50/1      35/12047

Besom making in Yorkshire. 1951.

Image reference: P FS H50      35/26385

Wattle hurdle making in hazel. T.Rushden of Tatsfield,
Kent. 1947.

Image reference: P FS H50      35/34882

Basket making, Mrs Francis Willmott at basket making
centre under the auspices of the West Sussex Federation
of Women’s Institutes. Aim is to produce 2 million potato
baskets – countrywide -for years crop. 1943.

Image reference: P FW PH2 T34      35/30428

Henry Jones of Cleeve near Bristol thatching a barn at
Brockley Combe. 1936.

Image reference: P FW PH2 W20/6

Wheelwright; John Sly, Northleach,
Gloucestershire, 1955.


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