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Dr Karin Whiteside
Job Title:
Associate Professor

I have academic and operational oversight of the general and discipline-specific in-sessional provisions that constitute the Academic English Programme.

Active Projects:

I am currently working on a TLDF-funded project to develop a set of online learning resources for Psychology-specific writing at undergraduate level. I have also been working in co-operation with the Graduate School to expand the provision of thesis writing courses for international doctoral students and develop language-focused workshops for the Reading Researcher Development Programme (RRDP) series including Language for Voice, Stance and Critical Evaluation, Language for Reviewing Literature, and Language for Discussion.

I am a founder member of EAP in the South-East and a member of the Steering Group for the EAP (English for Academic Purposes) strand of the Cara (Council for at risk academics) Syria Programme.


I have worked in English for Academic Purposes since 2004 and before that taught EFL for ten years in South Korea, including at the British Council in Seoul. Much of my work over recent years has been in the development of teaching materials for discipline-specific academic language and literacy development. From both a practitioner and researcher perspective, I am interested in genre, disciplinary discourses and corpus linguistic approaches. My doctoral research involved a corpus-driven discourse analysis of undergraduate writing in humanities and social sciences subjects.

Recent Conference Papers:

'Utilising the BAWE Genre Family Framework to redesign a discipline-specific in-sessional provision: An analysis of core module PGT Business School genres', Symposium: BAWE 10 years on, Coventry University London Campus, 8th June 2019.

'EAP for Syrian academics at risk: facilitating engagement and collaboration', BALEAP (The global forum for EAP professionals) Conference, Leeds, 12th April 2019 (co-presented with Sarah Brewer, Michael Jenkins & David Read) .

'The Cara Syria Programme: integrating the teaching of English for Academic Purposes into a programme to support exiled Syrian academics', ProLanguage Conference, Reading, 20th September 2018 (Co-presented with Sarah Brewer).

'The semantic patterning of grammatical keywords in undergraduate History and PIR (Politics & International Relations) essays: a corpus-driven investigation', Poster Presentation, Corpus Linguistics 2017, Birmingham, 26th July 2017 .

'The Pedagogic Potential of the Appraisal Framework in teaching Dissertation Writing', EAP in the South East, 9th June 2017.

'Engaging a mixed native-speaking and non-native-speaking group in the learning of written genres for Psychology', InForm (A journal for international foundation professionals) Conference 2017, Reading, 15th July 2017.


BA, BA Hons History & MA Applied Linguistics (Victoria University, Wellington, NZ), PhD Applied Linguistics (Warwick)


Whiteside, K & Wharton, S. 2019. Semantic patterning of grammatical keywords in undergraduate writing across two close disciplines. Journal of English for Academic Purposes, 39, 1-20.

Brewer, S. & Whiteside, K. 2019. The Cara Syria programme - combining teaching of English for Academic Purposes and academic and research skills development. Language Learning in Higher Education, 9, 161-172 May 2018.

Parkinson, T., Brewer, S., Camps, C., Turner, J., Jenkins, M., Whiteside, K., Zoubir, T. 2018. Supporting Syrian Academics to be Agents for Change: The role of UK universities. Educational Developments, ISSN 1469-3267.Supporting Syrian Academics to be Agents for Change: The role of UK universities.

Whiteside, K. & Wrigley, S. 2015. Adapting the scaffolding academic literacy pedagogy for an EAP context, in Kavanagh, M. & L. Robinson (eds), Proceedings of the 2013 BALEAP Conference.

Whiteside, K. & Hunter, D. 2010. Developing a Core Module for a Foundation Programme, Inform (A journal for international foundation professionals), Issue 6, October 2010.


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Karin Whiteside

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