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GLARpodnewThe GLAR Podcast highlights research and ongoing projects in the Global Law at Reading grouping, as well as featuring legal reaction to current world events, paper presentations by invited guests, roundtables and workshops.  It can be streamed or downloaded for free. 


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Episode 28 - The human rights obligations of the UN

NoelleQThis episode of the GLAR podcast features a presentation by Dr Noelle Quenivet (Associate Professor in International Law, University of the West of England).

Dr Quenivet's presentation was entitled 'The Human Rights Obligations of the United Nations: Sources and Scope of Application'. The presentation took place on 18 April 2018 and was the final seminar in GLAR's 2017-18 Ghandhi Research Seminar Series . It was chaired by Dr Alison Bisset. Please note that the Q&A session that took place after the presentation is not included in this podcast.

Abstract: There is no doubt that the United Nations has on various occasions violated human rights norms. Yet, whilst most legal scholarship focuses on the responsibility of the United Nations for human rights violations few studies have ascertained the legal basis of the primary rules leading to such responsibility. This presentation fills this gap by investigating whether it is possible to bind the United Nations by way of (1) the laws of treaties to the human rights provisions enshrined in the UN Charter or in other universal or regional human rights treaties and (2) customary international human rights law. It draws the conclusion that a lex lata interpretation of the law does not oblige the UN to act in compliance with relevant treaties and that a number of legal theories to bind the UN to customary human rights law are flawed. Finally the presentation offers some recommendations as to how it might be possible to ensure that the UN is legally compelled to abide by human rights law.

The GLAR Podcast - Episode 28

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