Customised Training

We welcome visiting scientists and staff from other microscopy centres, facilities or units who would like to learn from the experience and expertise developed in EMLab.

We are able to tailor a training and/or support programme to match the needs of your facility and microscopy instrumentation.

We are able to provide training in the support and operation of microscopy instrumentation, on the analysis of results and the development of research programmes. We are able to provide training in the basic principles of operation of a wide range of instrumentation . Check out our facilities.

Project based training programmes are available for those who wish to spend a few weeks or a few months developing their experience and expertise and this can be tailored to fit in with existing research programmes.

We are able to provide continuing support after you have completed your training period while you develop your facility. We are able to arrange for the exchange of staff and collaborative research programmes as appropriate.

Please contact Dr Peter Harris to discuss your requirements and how we can help you.

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