Transmission Electron Microscope

The Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) allows users to determine the internal structure of materials, both of biological or non-biological origin.

Materials for TEM must be prepared in a form which allows electrons to transmit through the sample, much like light is transmitted through materials in conventional optical microscopy. As the wavelength of electrons is much shorter than that of light, the resolution attainable in a TEM is many orders of magnitude greater than that from a light microscope. As a consequence, TEMs can reveal the finest details of internal structure - in some cases as small as individual atoms. Magnifications of 350,000 times can be routinely obtained for many materials, whilst in special circumstances; atoms can be imaged at magnifications greater than 15 million times.

The Centre houses two TEMs:

JEOL JEM 2100 plus TEM

JEOL JEM-2010 High Resolution TEM


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