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International collaborationInternational collaboration

[15th June 2016]

Peter Harris, head of EMLab, and Nigel Marks of Curtin University, Perth, Australia were recently awarded an Australia Research Council (ARC) Discovery Project grant to study carbon using electron microscopy and other techniques. Nigel visited the UK in June and spent two days at Reading discussing the project, which may lead to a better understanding of activated carbon, a material that is widely used in cleaning water and air supplies.

New microscope for EMLab

[9th June 2016]

The University has recently approved funding for a new transmission electron microscope for EMLab. This will replace the ageing CM20. We intend to buy a TEM with the capability of cryo-imaging and tomography. Cryo-TEM is a technique that enables biological specimens to be imaged in close to their natural state, without the artificial processing required for conventional TEM. Tomography involves taking a large number of images at a range of tilt angles and then using computer techniques to reconstruct the three-dimensional structure of the object. The new microscope will enable much new, exciting research to be carried out at Reading.


EMLab's Autumn Workshop in full swing

 [27th October 2015]

Autumn Workshop

EMLab's programme of workshops is now in full swing. Amanpreet led a well-attended session on 27th October, in which potential users from Chemistry, Pharmacy, Biological Science and Archaeology learnt about the theory and practice of scanning electron microscopy. As well as Amanpreet's presentation, users were given a tour of the facilities and a demonstration of one of the SEMs in action. There are 5 more sessions which are free and open to all. Details here

SSpilling miniture universe eventpilling miniature universes

[10th March 2015]

An event was held today to mark the hanging of "Spilling miniature universes" by Immy Smith in the foyer of the J.J. Thomson Building. The artwork is the result of a collaboration between Immy and EMLab manager Peter Harris (see previous news item). Colleagues from across the University gathered to hear Immy and Peter talk about the piece and look at an exhibition illustrating how it was made. The artwork was featured as January's image of the month.


Art-ScienceImmy Artwork collaboration

[7th November 2014]

Earlier this year EMLab manager Peter Harris and artist Immy Smith were awarded a grant from the Friends of the University to fund an artwork based on images produced by electron microscopy. Immy, who is a trained scientist as well as an artist, is creating a piece inspired by scanning electron microscope images of tree fern spores. The spores are being studied by Dr Alastair Culham of the School of Biological Sciences as part of a project aimed at identifying species occurring in Malaysia and measuring their diversity. Immy has set up her easel in the foyer of the J.J. Thomson Building and can be seen at work most days from about 10:30.


Amanpreet KaurEMLab welcomes Amanpreet

[11th July 2014]

With the appointment of Amanpreet Kaur on 1st July, the Electron Microscopy Lab is now back to full strength. Amanpreet is a recent Reading biology graduate, and her main responsibility will be to will provide support for biological electron microscopy. She will be based in Room 1 in EMLab and can be reached via extension 6518.


Sakthi wins award with EMLab image

[16th May 2014]

The SEM platelet image featured in December's issue of ArteriosclerosSakthi wins awardis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology (ATVB) journal was entered in the "Best Cover of the Year 2013" competition and was subsequently nominated as the winner.

The image was recorded by Sakthivel of the School of Biological Science, working with former EM Labs microscopist Dr Chris Stain. The research is described in the paper: "Tangeretin Regulates Platelet Function Through Inhibition of Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase and Cyclic Nucleotide Signaling / Significance", by Sakthivel Vaiyapuri et al.

Sakthi received the award at the ATVB conference in Toronto this month.


Fellowship awardManager awarded Fellowship of Royal Microscopical Society


[6th March 2014]

EMLab's manager, Peter Harris, has recently been awarded the Fellowship of the Royal Microscopical Society. Peter has over 30 years experience of electron microscopy, and has published more than 70 microscopy-related papers. The award reflects his standing in the microscopy community.



We are recruiting for a Microscopist

[6th March 2014]

To apply and for further details please follow the link


Saying farewell to Matthew

[13th February 2014]

Matthews leaving doStaff and users of EMLab gathered to bid farewell to Matthew Spink today. Matthew has been a member of staff since November 2012 and has brought his expertise to a wide variety of projects, involving samples ranging from brain cells to French fries. We wish him well in his new job at Diamond, where he will be helping to run the X-ray microscopy facility. Pictured from L to R are: David Ezra, Parvathy Prabhakumari, Matthew, Kala Radha, Robert Olley, Sherrie Foo, Fred Davis, Saeed Mohan and Peter Harris.

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